Liverpool FC: Why Giving Luis Suarez the Captaincy Is a Good Idea

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIJanuary 27, 2013

Liverpool FC: Why Giving Luis Suarez the Captaincy Is a Good Idea

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    Luis Suarez was given the honour of walking out as captain against Oldham in the FA Cup fourth round, a decision that caught even the most knowledgeable unawares. The decision was popular among the majority of Liverpool fans. The social networking sites were buzzing with the news that Liverpool's No. 7 would once again wear the armband.

    Here are some reasons why handing Suarez the captaincy, albeit for one game, was a good idea.

1. He Has Captained Uruguay

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    Suarez, named among three overage players for the 2012 London Olympics, was handed the captaincy of the Uruguayan national side. The experience was no doubt as invaluable as it was humbling, and Suarez represented Uruguay exceptionally.

    The experience of leading Uruguay will have no doubt given Suarez the taste for captaincy. He has to have been itching to taste it again.

2. It Shows Faith in Suarez

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    Since his arrival in 2010, Suarez has shown a gift for providing magic, dedication and controversy to no end. No matter what the media have thrown at Suarez, Liverpool and Liverpool's management have never let Suarez walk alone.

    King Brenny and King Kenny alike have shown faith in Suarez, who has needed it more often than not.

    The captaincy is the best way Brendan Rodgers could show Suarez that Liverpool still support Suarez completely, and that could...

3. Convince Suarez to Stay at Anfield

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    Suarez is Liverpool's best player, and given that they can't currently offer the Uruguayan Champions League football, other clubs that can have been testing the water as to Suarez's availability.

    Suarez's terrible relationship with opposition fans across England, as well as reported lucrative offers such as Bayern Munich's, could tempt Liverpool's No. 7 away from Anfield.

    Being given a taste of captaincy could convince Suarez that staying with Liverpool could lead to being given the permanent captaincy—a prospect that may keep him at Anfield, which would only be positive for anyone associated with Liverpool.

4. He Deserves It

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    Finally, after everything Suarez has done for Liverpool to date, he deserves the captaincy in Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher's absence from the side. The dedication he shows to the side no matter what the circumstances shows a loyalty to the club that should've and would've been rewarded with leading the side out sooner or later.

    It was just a matter of when.

    In fact, when Gerrard hangs up his boots, Suarez, if still with the club, will be one of the candidates along with Daniel Agger, Pepe Reina and Martin Skrtel to take the captaincy permanently.