UFC on Fox 6 Results: Power Ranking the Stoppages from Chicago

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIIJanuary 27, 2013

UFC on Fox 6 Results: Power Ranking the Stoppages from Chicago

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    UFC on Fox 6 came to you live from the Windy City itself, Chicago.

    The event was action-packed and many fans were treated to exciting finishes.

    From submissions by Rafael Natal and Ryan Bader to nasty knockouts by Pettis, Grant and more, this card had it all.

    The UFC built a stacked card and it delivered in spades.

    Let's power rank each stoppage from this card.

No. 6: Rafael Natal Defeats Sean Spencer by Submission

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    Natal is a master on the ground. He proved this Saturday night, as he was able to submit Sean Spencer with an arm triangle in the third round of their fight.

    In that third round, Natal was able to secure full mount on Spencer before moving into the crucifix position.

    From there, he rained elbows on the helpless Spencer before transitioning to a nasty looking Americana and, shortly after, the fight-winning arm-triangle choke.

    He got the win and also gave a very interesting post-fight interview.

No. 5: Sean Jordan Defeats Mike Russow by TKO

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    Sean Jordan survived an iffy first round to secure a comeback win against Chicago's own Mike Russow.

    He was battered by Russow and had a cut opened underneath his eye.

    Jordan came roaring back in the second round, and after a bit of a back-and-forth battle, Jordan secured mount and kept on top as Russow tried to roll and escape.

    From there, he pounded Russow with heavy strikes until the referee intervened and stopped the fight.

No. 4: Ryan Bader Defeats Vladimir Matyushenko by Submission

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    There really isn't much to tell about this fight.

    Bader was able to clip Matyushenko early in their fight. He fell to the canvas and Bader followed, securing some sort of a head-and-arm choke from the bottom.

    Bader didn't have his choke secured tightly until he hooked Matyushenko's leg and applied even more torque until the tap came.

    It was Bader's first UFC submission win, and it was also the first time that Matyushenko had ever been submitted.

No. 3: Ricardo Lamas Defeats Erik Koch by TKO

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    The first round between these fighters was action-packed. Punches, kicks and everything in between were thrown.

    The second round began with the two fighters exchanging again.

    Lamas then tried a leg kick and fell. Koch sprung after him but ended up on his back.

    Then came the elbows.

    Lamas opened up a nasty cut on Koch with a big elbow. Koch was rocked and in trouble. Lamas realized this and kept up the pounding elbows until the referee stopped the fight.

No. 2: TJ Grant Defeats Matt Wiman by TKO

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    Canadian T.J. Grant keeps on looking better.

    He is undefeated at lightweight and came into a tough fight against the very underrated Matt Wiman.

    Grant passed this test with flying colors. He was able to control Wiman for much of the first round with his striking before dropping him to the mat with a nasty elbow.

    He then proceeded to unload some ground-and-pound and finish the fight with 10 seconds left in the round.

    Grant has looked unreal at lightweight so far. He deserves a step up in competition for his next fight.

No. 1: Anthony Pettis Defeats Doanld Cerrone by TKO

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    Anthony Pettis had a monster performance, as he defeated fellow WEC alum Donald Cerrone.

    Neither men touched gloves as the round started, and Pettis came out fast and landed a solid right and then a kick.

    Pettis then hit a straight left and threw a solid kick to the body of Cerrone that hurt him.

    Pettis again hit, throwing a massive kick right to the liver of Cerrone. Cerrone fell and curled up, and the fight was stopped.

    Pettis displayed his speed and power excellently Saturday night. It was a nasty knockout and may have been enough to earn him a shot at the title.


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