Ranking the NBA's 10 Best Sidekicks

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Ranking the NBA's 10 Best Sidekicks
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Every Batman needs a Robin

Sometimes it feels like the sidekicks don't get enough credit in superhero movies. There appears to be a lack of recognition for somebody that helps their superhero teammate reach their full potential.

The NBA is no different.

Not every team has a superstar, meaning not every team has a sidekick. Even that word "sidekick," it has a negative connotation to it.

It really shouldn't.

What would Batman be without Robin? Exactly, just another deep-voiced guy with a grappling hook that wears a cape.

Being a sidekick in this league means that you are second best on your team to that one guy. Pretty impressive when you consider how few people even make it to the big show. It's also not rare to see a former star as a sidekick. It is kind of the evolution of things.

The anticipation must be killing you, so let's get right into it.

Here's a look at the NBA's 10 best sidekicks.

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