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Let's define an athlete. An athlete is, according to me, a person who plays sports or someone who is active. But, at this day and age, an athlete means more than just an active person; it means a highly paid sports player who is known worldwide. How did the term athlete become such a praised word? The answer is, many of our social lives depend on sports. For instance, if a normal man ran over someone and was charged with DUI manslaughter, would so many people know it? The answer is no, because sports players in many of the popular sports are inflated. Every single action they make is recorded. But aren't they normal people too? Yes, they are, but without this boost, our social lives in the world of sports would be dull. Thanks to ESPN, Yahoo, Comcast, and all the rest of the sports channels, we can gossip and predict what is going to happen next in the league. In an awkward conversation, it is easy to pass the time in sports and thanks to the players that we follow daily, we can put ourselves in their shoes and see that we are also in a way lucky. Though we all don't have the millions, the stylish new cars, and the indoor pools, we still have peace. So thank those favorite players of yours every day for taking the non-stop pressure away from you.

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