Suggestions for the WWE '14 Videogame

Charlie GSenior Writer IJanuary 27, 2013

Suggestions for the WWE '14 Videogame

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    It was reported about a week ago that THQ, developer of many videogame titles, has since filed for bankruptcy and has been auctioned off to other developers.

    THQ was well-known for producing various game titles ranging from the Saints Row series to the Red Faction series and even held licensing agreements with Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon and WWE. 

    With news of their demise, the future of all THQ-produced games was in the air. Since 2011 THQ has been selling various parts of their organization, but the WWE franchise always stuck with them.

    As THQ was picked apart piece by piece, Ubisoft, longstanding industry based in France widely known for their success of the Assassin's Creed and Far Cry franchises, acquired THQ's right to South Park: The Stick of Truth.

    Publishing rights for Metro games and Volition, known for their Saints Row series, were picked up by Koch Media.

    And the WWE series of games was acquired by Take-Two Interactive. This publisher spans the globe with development studios in places like California, New York, Toronto and the United Kingdom.

    As owners of 2K Games and Rockstar Games, this developer is no stranger to massive successes. They've taken part in developing the Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead series, BioShock series, Borderlands series, Max Payne series, LA Noire, Bully and major sporting titles such as NBA, MLB and NHL 2K.

    Now, this developing heavyweight has the chance to get their hands dirty with their new acquisition of the WWE series. I'm sure Take-Two could elevate WWE games more than THQ did, but here's a few suggestions for them to play around with anyway.

Less Past, More Present

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    Nothing bothers me more than not having current, active members of the WWE roster in their video games. Just because WWE creative hates JTG, doesn't mean I do. C'mon, I want to play him in WWE games and not as one of those awful 'Create-a-Superstars' either.

    The past two WWE video games have included so many past superstars, arenas and events, that it almost made me physically sick.

    WWE '13 prides itself on having the largest in-game roster to date, but only half of that is modern-day wrestlers. The other half of the roster is for all those Attitude Era clingers looking for one more feeling of nostalgia.

    WWE '12 didn't have nearly as many WWE Legends in it, but both games do have a primary focus on past events. Where WWE '12 creates a scenario where WCW re-invades WWE and takes over (which leaves your CAW to save the whole WWE), WWE '13 just hand selects a plethora of moments from the Attitude Era. Both of those are awful, and get boring rather fast.

    If they're so hellbent on including historic WWE moments, implement a mode similar to 'Madden Moments' in Madden NFL games then pump out an actual story mode worth playing.

Updated Rosters

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    In WWE '14, I'd rather not have to download active members of the WWE roster such as Layla, AJ, Ryback, Damien Sandow and Antonio Cesaro just because former stars like X-Pac, The Godfather, Mike Tyson and Stephanie McMahon needed a roster spot.

    As I mentioned in the previous slide, WWE '13 went overboard with the roster by including 35 wrestlers from the Attitude Era. And, on top of that, they created three of the same wrestler.

    Rather than making one model of a wrestler with interchangeable attires and skins, WWE '13 thought it'd be smart to individually create a multitude of the same wrestlers.

    We were given Mankind, Cactus Jack, and Dude Love. We were given Triple H, DX Triple H and Hunter Hearst Helmsley. We were given Chris Jericho, Edge, Christian, Bradshaw, Kane, Undertaker, Mark Henry, The Rock, Lita and The Big Show from the late '90s and then a current version of each superstar.

    Instead of using those spots for guys who aren't in the game, but are active wrestlers (Ex: Alex Riley, Curt Hawkins, Prime Time Players, Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd, JTG, Kaitlyn, Naomi, Tamina; I think you get the point), they create replicas of stars already in the game to begin with.

    While on the subject of rosters, many successful 2K Games (NBA, MLB, NHL, etc) utilize a method which automatically updates the roster for the player. By doing so, in-game characters may from being released or retirement, new stars may debut, and some might even change up their appearance.

    WWE games would greatly benefit from this perk. WWE '13 has more than 10 Divas in the game, but only four of them are still currently employed by the WWE (Layla, AJ, Natalya and Alicia Fox). By using the updated roster method, superstars who are no longer with the company maybe removed (The Bellas, Kharma, Kelly Kelly, etc) while new ones take their place (Kaitlyn, Tamina, Aksana, etc).

    And the updated physical appearance of in-game characters would be a nice added, realistic touch as well. Include new superstar merchandise (Punk's yellow BITW shirt, Cena's latest shirt, Dolph's latest, etc), or update the appearance of the wrestlers (Punk's new haircut, Justin Gabriel's new hairstyle, Cody's mustache, everything 3MB).

    I have no interest in playing as superstars of the past. I want to keep a nice, up-to-date and accurate roster.

Online Connection

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    It's no secret that THQ absolutely bombed when it came to Xbox Live and PSN connections. Having the servers constantly down, crashing and just not working is unacceptable for a major developer.

    The use of online connection allows players to show off what they've done in the game. Uploading their best created superstars, video clips, arenas, finishing moves, and just trying to expand past battling CPUs all day in exchange for another human being playing the game elsewhere.

    The online community in WWE games could be great if the right developers were behind it all, and finally, I think we found who we were looking for all along.

More Match Types

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    With WWE '13 came the long awaited return of the 'Special Referee', 'King of the Ring' and 'I Quit' match types. Those are all welcomed additions to the game, but is it too much to ask for more?

    Would it be possible to get a lumberjack/jill match, perhaps? Maybe get an ambulance match ushered into the game? Or, as we seen this past December, a six-man TLC match? How about a four-on-four Survivor Series elimination based match? That's the real shocker to me. 

    Survivor Series and the classic four-on-four team battle has been a staple in WWE's calendar, yet WWE games fail to put the concept in their games.

Fans Vote for the Cover Star

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    Leapfrogging from another Madden idea, I think it'd be great if WWE games held a vote for the cover star of their newest games.

    Hold polls and voting on or someplace, and give fans the power to decide which Superstar's face will grace the cover of the new game. The people, after all, are the ones who buy and play these games, so giving them the power to decide the cover athlete would be a nice gesture.

    Release eight different box arts featuring eight different superstars for the cover. As voting continues, gradually eliminate the cover with the least amount of votes until we have ourselves a winner.

    A flaw in doing this maybe that one wrestler (John Cena, Sheamus, any mega-face really) might get the cover vote majority of the time, but maybe enforce a rule where one superstar can't be on the box art two years in a row or something.

    I honestly didn't want Randy Orton on the cover of WWE '12, and I don't really like the cover of WWE '13 (Why's most of Punk's head cut off?), so why not give the people the decision?

    People Power!

My Player Mode

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    I've been dreaming of this idea since WWE '12 was ready to launch, and with Take-Two in charge now, it just might happen.

    One of the greatest features in NBA, MLB, and NHL 2K games is their 'My Player Mode'. This gives the player the opportunity to create their own in-game character with the ultimate goal being the Hall of Fame for said sport.

    Along the way of your Hall of Fame pursuits, players are given milestones and accomplishments which'll get them closer to their ultimate goal. So, you play through the career of your created superstar aspiring to become a member of the Hall of Fame. And, when you finally achieve the career-long goal, your player is enshrined and you could begin another career with a new superstar if you like.

    A 'My Player' Mode would definitely extend playability for WWE games, whereas I find myself bored with WWE '12 and/or '13 shortly after I finish their 'Road to WrestleMania' or 'Attitude Era Moments'.

    Your player could star off as a rookie overall 50-something rising through the ranks of NXT, picking up attribute points after matches, and just building your own future. After a certain amount of time, let's say get your overall to 65+, and get called up to the main roster (if you'd like). Then the future of your Superstar is up to the player. 

    Milestones that'll get your player closer to the Hall of Fame could be:

    - Become United States and/or Intercontinental Champion

    - Become Tag Team Champion

    - Become WWE or World Heavyweight Champion

    - Become a Triple Crown Champion, become a Grand Slam Champion

    - Break a championship record

    - Captain a team at Survivor Series

    - Be the sole survivor on a Survivor Series team and win

    - Compete in 10 different match types

    - Defeat or earn the respect of a WWE Legend

    - Win Money in the Bank

    - Win a Slammy Award for Rookie of the Year, Breakout Star of the Year, Match of the Year, or Superstar of the Year

    - Win the Royal Rumble

    - Win at WrestleMania

    - Main event WrestleMania


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    Those are just a few of my suggestions for WWE '14, and Take-Two has plenty of time to mess around and get accustomed to their latest acquisition. Looking at all their previous titles, I can't help but be more excited for a WWE game than ever before.

    Take-Two could do wonders with the WWE series, and I'm highly anticipating their first installment whenever that maybe. 

    When you're done reading this, feel free to leave any suggestions of you're on or comment on some of mine in the comment section below. Also, before sure to check out for more wrestling related news, articles, videos, podcasts, wallpapers and plenty more.