Antonio Conte's Verbal Tirade into Disasterous Juventus Decisions

Adrian Agius@@agius2nvAnalyst IJanuary 26, 2013

If there has been something that has marred the course of the Serie A this season—or any season for that matter—it has most definitely been the standard of refereeing. If I was to speculate, I wouldn't for one second hesitate to propose that backroom deals have been doing the rounds yet again; far too many times this season the credibility of refereeing in Italy has come to surface.

In Juventus' 1-1 draw with Genoa this morning, such skepticism came to fruition yet again after Juventus were denied a penalty on two, separate, clear occasions. And whilst the two points Juventus dropped in the match weren't detrimental to their title hopes—in fact, it probably evens out the injustices experienced when Catania were disallowed a perfectly legal goal against Juventus earlier in the season—the incorrect decisions seen should simply be filtered out all together.

As seen above, Antonio Conte did not approve of the standard of refereeing present during the match and voiced his opinions in the press conference following its conclusion (via saying:

The referee should take some responsibility. Even a blind man would have seen that [handball by Andreas Granqvist in the box].

In these cases, you've got to hand back your refereeing licence. I cannot tolerate what happened. Even the goal-line referee said it was a penalty. I think in these cases, saying ‘shame on you’ is the very least one can do.

I can accept it if they claim not to have seen the incident, but hearing a referee say they didn't feel like giving the penalty is not normal.

For a long time, we've been well-mannered and valued fair play, but now I have seen too many incidents go against us. Parma once said that everyone was entitled to complain except Juventus. Now the incidents are there for all to see.

Now I'd rather not hear the media breaking our balls over pro-Juve and anti-Juve errors, because errors are everywhere for and against everyone.

As you can see, he gets straight to the point.

At the heart of this controversy, however, is perhaps a bigger issue. The fact that for as long as such incorrect decisions are made and scenes are made, the Serie A will never clear its poor reputation gained from the Calciopoli era. There is no doubting that the league has never recovered from the match-fixing scandals of the past and that incidents seen this morning do not help aid this recovery.

Conte's statement is justified on the basis that it isn't just about the two points lost this morning, it is about trying to rid the Serie A of corruption and restore it to its former glory. He will most likely be sanctioned for his comments, perhaps even cop a suspension, but we hear his point loud and clear.