NCAA Tournament 2013: Why Week of Upsets Means March Will Be Madness

C.J. MooreCollege Basketball National Lead WriterJanuary 26, 2013

Parity is a dirty six-letter word in college basketball.

Where are all the dominant teams? Who should be No. 1? Is anyone really any good?

Ummmm...who cares?

This was a beautiful week of college basketball. We saw nearly as many court-stormings as favorites actually taking care of business.

Thirteen teams in the AP Top 25 lost at least once. No. 1 Duke got embarrassed in Coral Gables. No. 3 Syracuse lost to unranked Villanova, the same team that lost by 18 to Columbia this year. Columbia, an Ivy League squad.

No. 6 Arizona lost to UCLA. (Remember when the Bruins lost to Cal Poly at home?)

No. 5 Louisville, the team that was No. 1 before Duke, has lost three straight. Villanova also got the Cardinals on Saturday.

On Saturday alone, No. 3 Syracuse, No. 5 Louisville, No. 11 Kansas State, No. 12 Minnesota, No. 15 New Mexico and No. 19 VCU all fell.

One team in the Top 25 has a double-digit winning streak.

This NCAA tournament is going to be a blast. Correction: College basketball is a blast right now; it's only going to get better in March.


There's certainly no dominant force out there like last year's NBA-studded Kentucky national title squad. Though they're loaded again with several NBA prospects throughout their lineup, the Wildcats are unranked and sit at 13-6, with losses to Baylor, Texas A&M and Alabama.

Instead of a two-loss, No. 1 seeded juggernaut mowing down the lower seeds, Cinderellas are going to be dancing all over the place this postseason.

When you're filling out your bracket, you would be better served to sneak a peek at the lady in the next cubicle picking teams based on her favorite colors.

Those of us who follow this game closely will be painting our brackets red by the end of the first weekend.

When someone spouts off the cliche, "Anyone can be beaten on any given night," it's actually going to be true.

Only six teams in the current Top 25 have more than two straight wins right now. At this point last season, that number was 14. Five teams had winning streaks of 10-plus games, and only three teams in the Top 25 had lost their last game.

Let's take a look at some of the NCAA's hottest teams right now.

Kansas has the nation's longest winning streak at 17 and might be the nation's best team, but many are wondering what's wrong with Bill Self's offense.


The next "hottest" teams in the Top 25 are Oregon (eight straight wins) Ole Miss (nine straight), Florida (eight straight), Michigan State (six straight) and Miami (six straight).

Both Ole Miss and Miami's last loss came against Indiana State. The Sycamores are 13-7 and in third place in the Missouri Valley.

Florida last lost to Kansas State, a team that was hot and moved up to No. 11 in the rankings, only to lose two straight this week.

Michigan State's last loss was to Minnesota. The Gophers are ranked 12th. And what have they done lately? Lost four straight.

What about the best mid-majors?

No. 9 Butler lost to La Salle this week; No. 15 New Mexico got spanked by 21 at San Diego State on Saturday; and No. 17 Creighton and No. 19 VCU have both lost two straight.

What in the good name of Naismith is going on out there?

Just wait until March.