Gary Sheffield Signed by the Mets: Bad Idea

Patrick MurraySenior Analyst IApril 3, 2009

ANAHEIM, CA - JULY 28:  Gary Sheffield #3 of the Detroit Tigers gets ready to bat against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Angels Stadium July 28, 2007 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

The New York Mets have reached an agreement with free agent DH Gary Sheffield. The 40-year-old was released by the Detroit Tigers last week.

Yes, you read that right, Sheffield is a DH.

But wait, aren't the Mets in the National League?

Yes, they are, but apparently Sheffield was a bargain they "couldn't pass up," despite the fact that they seem to not have a place for him.

New York will only have to pay $400,000 (the Major-League minimum) of Sheffield's $14 million salary. The Tigers will cover the rest.

Sheffield has battled injuries the past few years and spent much of the last three seasons as a designated hitter. He played just six games in left field last year and split 14 games between left and right in 2007.


There's no question that Sheffield can still hit, and he's just one homer shy of 500, but is this signing worth his generally poor attitude?

Sheffield is know for calling managers "racist" for not playing him where he wants. Gary will not start for the Mets but will get mad when he doesn't get enough playing time.

I hope a "gangsta" war doesn't break out between Sheff and manager Jerry Manuel.

Sheffield has the potential to ruin the team-first attitude that the Mets built during Spring Training.