NBA Stars Who Need to Be Traded Now

Bob Sun Contributor IIIJanuary 26, 2013

NBA Stars Who Need to Be Traded Now

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    Some NBA Players are expendable. 

    Perhaps they're good, but are too old for their team. Maybe they cause chemistry issues. It is also possible that they take away minutes from young players. 

    Whether it's injuries, age or chemistry, these players are hurting the team and must be traded now.

Anderson Varejao, Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Anderson Varejao was leading the league in rebounding before he got injured.

    He is a constant double-double machine and was having a breakout season at 30 years old. That's simply unheard of. 

    He was doing a lot for the Cavs, but they would be better off without him.

    When he was playing, Tristan Thompson barely received any playing time, and Tyler Zeller's team was limited as well.

    Both are very good, young players who deserve more minutes. They will need to get better to turn the Cavs into contenders down the road, and they can't develop with Varejao hogging their minutes. 

    Varejao is 30. Cleveland will likely not make the playoffs this year or the next, so he will be old when the Cavs return to contender status. 

    He also earns $8 million a year. Cleveland could two or three solid rookies next year with that money. 

    If Cleveland trades him for some young, developing rookies, they will be in good shape. Meanwhile, Varejao will enjoy being on a better team. 

Dwight Howard, Los Angeles Lakers

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    Jim Buss is a fool.

    He believes that Dwight Howard will stay for next season. What reason does Howard have for remaining with a team that will not make the playoffs, doesn't have any picks, already has an elite center and will make him the second option?

    None. Absolutely none. 

    Epic movies tend to have sequels, and Dwightmare II is coming out this summer. 

    Last year, Howard expressed that if he was traded to L.A, he would not resign the following year. He has not taken that statement back.

    He has had multiple feuds with All-Time great Kobe Bryant, and takes away minutes from Pau Gasol. He surely does not want to share the paint with him. 

    Many think he is the Lakers' future, but he is not. That would be Earl Clark and Jordan Hill.

    In return, Los Angeles can get a couple good, young players and maybe a solid veteran. It's a win-win situation. 

    Yes, Dwight is the best center in the NBA. But he is also an immature person. Friends and teammates describe him as a "big kid."

    Not to mention his free throw stroke is absolutely horrendous. 

    The difference between him and the best free throw shooter, Kevin Martin is tremendous. D12 has missed a grand total out of 187, while he has made 189. He has been ejected twice this season, and is averaging 3.1 turnovers and 3.6 personal fouls per game. 

    It would be in L.A.'s best interest to trade him. 

    Unless of course, they pull off a massive winning streak and get into the playoffs. 

Nenê, Washington Wizards

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    Calling this man a star is clearly stretching it. Washington doesn't need Nenê, nor should it want him.

    The 6'11, 250 pound center was traded for JaVale McGee in what is quite possibly one of the worst trades in recent memory. Their stats are similar, but the difference is McGee plays 18 minutes a game, while Nenê plays 28. 

    The Brazilian big is a good player, but doesn't fit in with the Wizards' long-term plans. 

    Washington's vision for the future is that John Wall and Bradley Beal will be a top-tier backcourt, while Jordan Crawford will be one of the best sixth men. 

    Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza will still be productive, and whatever draft picks they get can turn into stars. 

    There is no place for Nenê. Emeka Okafor is clearly the better center, and he can't play defense as well as some of his other teammates. In addition, the Brazilian is making $13 million a year. He is clearly draining their payroll. 

    But Nenê is still a good, valuable player. Hopefully the Wiz can get some picks and/or young role players for him in a trade. 

Andrew Bogut, Golden State Warriors

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    Andrew Bogut is a great center when he's healthy.

    Last season, he averaged 11 points and 8.3 rebounds for the Milwaukee Bucks. But he's also extremely injury-prone.

    All-Star David Lee and sixth man of the year candidate Carl Landry will have to sacrifice space and looks in the post for him, and that may not be a good thing, seeing as how they're hot. 

    Bogut may return soon as he ran sprints at full capacity on Monday, says the San Francisco Chronicle. Bogut also has a tremendous payroll of $13 million a year. That's very bad, considering he has played a grand total of four games this season. 

    Golden State is on a roll and seem to have a stranglehold on the fifth seed in the Western Conference. They have beaten teams like L.A. (Clippers), OKC, Miami and Brooklyn and wouldn't want Bogut to disrupt things. 

    Bogut is a good center when he's healthy, but I think it would be better for the Warriors if they traded him for young pieces. 

    Maybe it could work out like it did with Amar'e Stoudemire and the Knicks, but I don't think Bogut would be as open to coming off the bench as Amar'e. 

Rodney Stuckey, Detroit Pistons

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    Ok, Detroit, please stop with the yes-no, hot-cold flirting with Rodney Stuckey. Either you like him or you don't. And I hope you don't, because I would hate to see you trade the hot Will Bynum or rising star Brandon Knight instead. First you let him become a restricted free agent, implying that you didn't like him, but then you signed him, implying that you did. Now he's coming off the bench behind KYLE SINGLER and shooting 38 percent.

    Stuckey was often talked about as the next Chauncey Billups, so much so that Detroit traded Mr. Big Shot himself to make room for Stuckey in their rotation. We need to see Stuckey reach that level. Or if not, maybe he could form a one-on-one league with Tyreke Evans. 

    Not to mention he's depleting the Pistons' money. He earns $8.5 million a year while averaging 11 points and four assists in 28 minutes for them. 

    Stuckey should be traded because he's taking up Detroit's payroll and is not doing enough to justify his salary, not to mention Detroit has two 1s that are better than him.