Kaepernicking and 6 Other Football Memes That Have Gone Viral

Jess Lander@@jesslanderContributor IIIJanuary 26, 2013

Kaepernicking and 6 Other Football Memes That Have Gone Viral

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    Colin Kaepernick, the Bay Area boy that permanently secured the starting spot over 49ers quarterback Alex Smith this year and subsequently led San Francisco to the Super Bowl, has trademarked Kaepernicking.

    Kaepernicking, like Tebowing, went viral after Kaepernick rushed for a playoff record of 181 yards and threw two touchdowns in the playoff win over Green Bay a few weeks ago. In celebration in the end zone, Kaepernick kissed his tattooed bicep, and the newest phenomenon was born.  

    The trend of mimicking the actions of football players, especially quarterbacks, has erupted in the last year and it appears that no player is safe.

    Check out six other football memes that have taken the cyber world by storm.


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    Origin: The initiator of this phenomenon, Tebowing originated in October, 2011, when quarterback Tim Tebow was playing for the Denver Broncos.

    Tebow would get down on one knee and pray before every game, which garnered attention when on multiple occasions, he brought his team to victory via a God-like fourth quarter comeback.

    Late last year, Tebow made the move to trademark Tebowing, stating that he wanted to make sure Tebowing was used in the right way.

    Pose: Bow down on one knee and pray with your fist to your forehead.


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    Origin: Bradying hit the Internet after Super Bowl XLVI, when Tom Brady and the Patriots lost their second Super Bowl in five years to the New York Giants. When it became clear to Brady that Eli Manning had once again bested him, Brady unknowingly invented Bradying.

    Bradying came back just last week when the Patriots lost to the Ravens in the AFC Championship, with Brady's Super Bowl hopes dashed once again.

    Pose: Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you, put your hands in your lap and drop your head. The key is to look really, really sad.


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    Origins: Romoing is similar to Bradying. Developed this year by frustrated Dallas fans during a rough season for the quarterback, the Romoing.com Tumblr defines Romoing as "like planking, but without the effort, because winning doesn't matter."

    Pose: Sit on the ground with your legs straight out in front of you, put your hands to your face and pretend to be crying. Bonus points for actual tears.

    For Brady and Romo, whose memes were created at their expense, it would only be right to offer them coping advice in meme form: Keep Calm and Carry On, boys.


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    Origin: Gronking popped up soon after Tebowing, mimicking the popular touchdown celebration of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

    Pose: Take an inanimate object and spike it like you mean it into the ground.


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    Origin: Robert Griffin Jr. (RGIII) was an angel sent from heaven for the Washington Redskins this year. In the rookie's first game, RGIII threw an 88-yard touchdown pass to receiver Pierre Garcon and his celebration quickly became Griffining.

    Pose: Sit on the ground with legs out in front and lift both arms in the air making a No. 1 with your fingers.


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    Origin: The newest member of the football meme scene is Raying, which took flight after the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Patriots in this past AFC Championship Game and earned a bid to the Super Bowl.

    Ray Lewis got down on the ground and thanked the Lord that he didn't get handed early retirement.

    Pose: Get on your hands and knees with your head on the ground and pray. Bonus points if you show some plumber's crack like Ray did.