4 Questions We Have About Glover Teixeira

Nathan McCarter@McCarterNFeatured ColumnistJanuary 26, 2013

4 Questions We Have About Glover Teixeira

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    Glover Teixeira meets Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in what is supposedly Jackson's last UFC fight. A victory over the former UFC light heavyweight champion would make Teixeira a potential title contender.

    Teixeira's UFC performances have been excellent, but they have not come against top level competition. This is a significant step up in competition.

    The dominant performances have put him on the map in the division, but a win over Rampage on FOX would most definitely be a career-defining moment for Teixeira.

    Here are four questions Teixeira still has to answer.

Will He Be Able To Outstrike Rampage?

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    Teixeira has pummeled both of his opponents inside the Octagon, but Rampage is a different animal.

    For all of the critiques in recent years of the former champion, he is still one of the better boxers in the division and has one-punch knockout power in his hands.

    Fabio Maldonado is a good striker, but is totally one-dimensional. That allowed Teixeira to keep him guessing and be effective on the feet. While Rampage prefers to strike he has other facets to his game that make him dangerous.

    Teixeira probably does not want to make this a boxing match, but he may be forced to strike with Rampage during this fight. If so, Rampage has a great chance to derail the hype of Teixeira.

Can He Take Down Rampage?

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    Standing and trading with Rampage is not the best strategy for victory. Teixeira is not stupid, and will probably try to put Rampage down at some point in this fight, but can he?

    Teixeira is a solid grappler, but he is not an elite wrestler. Rampage also has very good takedown defense. That could pose a problem for Teixeira in this fight if he is not able to keep Rampage guessing.

    While he has shown he is one of the light heavyweights to watch, Teixeira is not the explosive athlete who can quickly change levels and explode through a takedown. That strategy worked for Rashad Evans, but is hard to replicate. Teixeira has to take a more measured approach to getting Rampage down.

    Saturday evening will answer this question.

Will He Be Able To Go 15 Minutes?

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    Two UFC wins, two dominant performance and two wins where he was not pushed.

    After an onslaught on Fabio Maldonado, Teixeira did show signs of wearing down. If this fight turns in to a struggle, one has to wonder if his cardio can handle the pace.

    Rampage has also struggled from time to time, but he is also not unaccustomed to preparing for championship fights that go 25 minutes. He has been in five-round fights that push his cardio, and he has passed that test. If he is in shape, and all signs point to the fact he is, then he will have no problem.

    Teixeira cannot gas out against Rampage. If the former champion makes Teixeira work hard, we will quickly find out how good Teixeira's cardio is.

Can Teixeira Handle Rampage's Power?

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    Teixeira clobbered Maldonado in their fight, but he was clipped once in that fight and felt the effects of that punch. What happens if Rampage lands a similar shot?

    Rampage is a powerful man.

    Is Teixeira durable enough to withstand a clean punch from Rampage? That is a question Teixeira hopes not to have to answer, but anytime Rampage steps inside the Octagon, his opponents have to be ready for that scenario.

    Chances are, if Rampage connects, we will see Teixeira on his back looking up at the lights. Obviously, he must avoid that.

    If Teixeira can weather the power of Rampage, he will be in a good position to win this fight, but that should be a last resort. The co-main event to UFC on FOX can end at any given second. Don't blink.