WWE: NXT Tournament for Royal Rumble Spot a Smart Decision

Dean Siemon@deansiemonAnalyst IIJanuary 26, 2013

Credit WWE.com
Credit WWE.com

In recent months, we've seen the WWE finally give acknowledgement to the developmental NXT brand.

Ever since Seth Rollins, then NXT Champion, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns invaded the TLC pay-per-view during the WWE Championship, the casual fan knows NXT is where the youth of WWE is.

WWE.com also announced Friday afternoon that there will be an eight-man tournament over the weekend for a spot in this year's Royal Rumble match.

The competitors are Bo Dallas, Leo Kruger, Adrian Neville, Conor O'Brian, Corey Graves, Luke Harper, Oliver Grey and Xavier Woods.

Honestly I think it would have been better to have Kassius Ohno or Richie Steamboat in the tournament, but maybe the WWE already has plans for those two (hint hint, wink wink).

Finally, we see more focus on the future of the company as it highlights some of the top names in developmental.

And some of these names have already been on tour with the company at live events, like Kruger, Dallas and O'Brian.

It's more than likely that either Kruger or Dallas will win as both have been talked about a lot recently as potential call-ups to the main roster.

O'Brian has been on WWE television before, but not under his current Ascension gimmick that reeks of the Undertaker in many ways.

I'd like to see someone like Graves or Woods be on the main roster soon, but they will need more time in developmental before that happens.

And if you haven't seen the high-flying Neville, then you need to watch some of his recent matches in NXT. Four words—corkscrew shooting star press.

There is a lot of talent in developmental and it's nice to see that the WWE is highlighting the potential by having a tournament that rewards a spot in the 30-man main event.

I sometimes enjoy episodes of NXT more than I do Raw or SmackDown. It would probably have better ratings than Impact Wrestling if it wasn't only available on Hulu Plus.

I would hope that this becomes an annual tournament and actually gets aired either as a WWE.com exclusive or run over the course of weeks on one of the main television shows.

It will be interesting to see if the winner of the tournament is given a decent run in the Rumble as well. It's not expected for any of them to win, but it would be a great debut to at least make the final four.