WWE Must Keep The Shield Out of the Royal Rumble Match

Cardiff WandererCorrespondent IIJanuary 26, 2013

The Shield need to be flexible to continue their storyline (Image: WWE.com)
The Shield need to be flexible to continue their storyline (Image: WWE.com)

The group known as The Shield has no place in the Royal Rumble match, and the WWE needs to keep them out of it. 

These three men—Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins—claim to have entered the WWE with a purpose. They have vowed to subdue the injustices that they believe happen in the company every week. So The Shield would be significantly diverting from their ethos if they were to compete in the Rumble itself.

Arguably, the group could enter in order to stop others from winning. However they would have far more freedom running in and blindsiding competitors from outside the confines of the match’s rules. 

Interference—as seen in Kurt Angle’s elimination of Shawn Michaels in a retaliatory act in 2005—is perfectly legal.

Through this method, The Shield could pick off targets as and when they liked. 

The group would be far more influential if they were used in this manner. They can remove those who have caused injustice—and they have a history with—like Sheamus and Randy Orton. The group could also become a factor in keeping others in the Rumble, and even dictate who is the eventual winner.

Gifting the group such power would cement their reputation as a force which is only interested in dictating the outcome of important matters. 

Exploring how integral events on the WWE calendar could combine with their supposed wish to stop injustice—as they perceive it—would renew the group’s momentum. There can be no doubt that it has slowed after the failed ambush of Mick Foley at Raw’s 20th anniversary show

Another reason for The Shield entering the Rumble would be to stop the injustice of the current champion holding onto the belt. This idea has some merit, as they have been banned from interfering with the WWE championship match. 

However there has yet to be any evidence that The Shield is a group capable of accomplishing such long-term goals. It would be far more in-character for them to attack The Rock—or for that matter CM Punk—before the match occurs. 

Immediacy in their actions is definitely one of the factors that has made this group such interesting television. 

Of course, the WWE could pull a swerve and have a member of The Shield fighting off the injustice of either Alberto Del Rio or Big Show holding the World Heavyweight title. However this seems unlikely considering the numerous enemies they already possess. 

It would be foolish to spread their focus even wider, as The Shield are already outnumbered by potential opponents. 

Generally the focus of every competitor in the WWE should be to claim a title belt. That desire underpins the sporting element of “Sports Entertainment,” which in turn stops professional wrestling from free-falling into a soap opera. 

Yet The Shield have been designed to be a counterpoint to this. Their focus—assuming that it is not a ruse—is to fight for what they believe to be right in the WWE. Such a mentality is great for the company, as it makes the WWE’s universe feel more in-depth.

Therefore keeping this group out of the Rumble so they can adhere to this purpose is an absolute must for the WWE.