Volkswagen and Jimmy Cliff Grant Happiness to Internet Stars in Super Bowl Commercial

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 25, 2013

To be famous on this here Internet machine, you either have to be crazy or do something crazy. Volkswagen offers happiness to some of the biggest names who fall comfortably in either category in this Super Bowl commercial. 

The ad which is titled "Sunny Side" features reggae legend Jimmy Cliff as he sings, "C'mon, Get Happy." After watching, it will be rather difficult not to be even the slightest bit less grumpy. 

Now, I doubt this one will become the viral hit 2011's "The Force" was for the car company. That was the commercial featuring a tiny Darth Vader realizing that the force was indeed with him. 

Still, there is a lot to like about this video, especially if you spend any amount time on the Internet. Something tells me that you do. 

You remember that one girl who just couldn't hold her emotions in check, sobbing by the mere mention of cats? Well, she is here. 

Just don't let her talk too long or else she brings up the subject of cats and then it's pretty much all downhill form there. 

Phil Davidson, the shouting county treasurer hopeful is here too, but is far more muted than he was in his YouTube video

Hell, sports fans even get a cameo from minor league manager Phil Wellman whose one grumpy day at the office went viral. 

It's almost like a Tosh.O Web Redemption up in here, with B-LIst stars of the interwebz stopping by just long enough to show they can laugh at themselves. 

Proving that anything is possible in this country, Volkswagen brings together some people who are famous for pretty much losing their minds and recording it for us all to see. 


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