Ryback: What Does the WWE Do with the Big Man Following the PPV?

David LevinSenior Writer IIJanuary 29, 2013


Did the WWE Universe just see Ryback go from "Feed Me More" to "Feed Me Something" in a matter of two weeks?

We all knew the Royal Rumble focus was on The Rock and CM Punk with the idea that Ryback would still be given a WWE title shot (per a statement released by WWE owner Vince McMahon) after the first pay-per-view event of the year.

And then The Rock had to come along and ruin the party for the "Big Hungry" and spoil the idea of another muscle-bound heavyweight getting a chance at WWE gold.

This time, however, I am going to defend the Ryback. The win by everyone's favorite Brahma Bull has really put a roadblock in not only Ryback getting a shot at the title, but all but assures a WrestleMania 29 matchup between the current WWE Champion and John Cena.

What happens to Ryback? Where does he stand?

If the WWE goes to a lottery (and I hope they do to reshape their programming), does it mean Ryback could go to SmackDown and possibly challenge a World Champion in Dolph Ziggler? Does Chris Jericho's sudden appearance at the Royal Rumble push the big man further down the ladder?

And what do we make of Bo Dallas and his success in the event? Where will he stand? Does it further complicate things?

Ryback has been both good and bad for this company, giving all of us a reason to compare him to Goldberg and Batista and wishing the company would get behind stars like Kofi Kingston or Zack Ryder. It is a double edged sword Ryback and the WWE faces when you discuss him in title contention.

The WWE has too many "main event" talents or wrestlers who have touched gold, so we expect them to be in title contention all the time. That is the case with The Miz and Randy Orton and was the case with the likes of Alberto Del Rio and possibly Wade Barrett. Too many stars, not enough titles and too many repeated feuds to think of.

So much drama and chaos. I was hoping the 2013 wrestling year would bring more stability to the WWE. All we have gotten so far, besides a great PPV and a new WWE Champion, is more unrest at the top and not enough belts to go around.