Senior Bowl 2013: Players Who Must Impress NFL Teams

Daine PavloskiAnalyst IIJanuary 25, 2013

Denard Robinson is one of the many players who needs to impress NFL Scouts at the Senior Bowl.
Denard Robinson is one of the many players who needs to impress NFL Scouts at the Senior Bowl.Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The 2013 Senior Bowl is a great opportunity for players to impress NFL scouts and improve their draft value. While this year's Senior Bowl has a very talented pool of players, there are a few players who really need the Senior Bowl to prove to NFL teams that they're worth a shot in the NFL draft. 

Here are three players who have to impress the NFL teams this week at the 2013 Senior Bowl. 


Robbie Rouse

Rouse is one of the few running backs in their year's class that is being looked at as a potential star. Rouse ran for over 4,600 yards and 37 touchdowns as a Fresno State Bulldog. 

The former Bulldog stands at just 5'7'' and weighs under 200 pounds, which is the major concern for many NFL scouts. Rouse's size is what is keeping him off of the must-have list of many teams. 

If Rouse performs well throughout the week at the Senior Bowl, he can show NFL teams that he can use his great speed and deceptive strength to become the next Maurice Jones-Drew or Ray Rice. 


Denard Robinson

Robinson started as a quarterback at the University of Michigan, but has recently made the transition to wide receiver in an attempt to become more appealing to NFL teams. Robinson's transition hasn't been very smooth, as he's struggled catching passes and hauled in just a few catches at Michigan. 

Denard has to use the Senior Bowl week to show NFL scouts that he's capable of being an explosive player from the wide receiver spot if he wants to make a career in the NFL. 


EJ Manuel

Manuel has quickly worked his way up the draft boards this offseason. He fits the new NFL quarterback model set by Russell Wilson, RG3 and Colin Kaepernick and was one of the most accurate quarterbacks in Florida State history. 

The former Seminole is one of the most talented athletic quarterbacks in this year's draft and has shown that he can throw the ball accurately and use his feet when he needs to. 

Manuel must use the 2013 Senior Bowl to prove that he has the ability to be successful against NFL talent. One of the biggest question marks regarding Manuel is his ability to decipher NFL defenses. If Manuel can show NFL teams that he has the brains and the skills to be an NFL QB, his stock could very well rise this weekend.