TNT's 'Inside the NBA' Crew Clowns Charles Barkley Unmercifully

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 25, 2013

Charles Barkley was off doing color commentary for the Suns and Clippers game on Thursday, which left the boys back at the TNT studio picking him apart. 

There really is nothing better that TNT's Inside the NBA, a sports show that brings the laughs just as often as the analysis. 

It really can be better than the actual game sometimes, especially if the Lakers are one of the teams featured that night. 

On Thursday night's broadcast, they destroyed Charles Barkley, who does well to give them plenty of fodder for the funny. 

He first confesses that he gets his eyebrows waxed, and coolly brushes it off, saying that there is no shame in his game, absolutely none. 

Normally, that kind of nonchalance would be greeted with applause, but not from Reggie Miller, who apologizes for his diva colleague. 

Shaq gets his eyebrows, "done," but he isn't the only one getting pampered. Chris Webber is fierce with the gloss and Kenny Smith has done up fingernails. 

All the while, Ernie Johnson just tries to keep things on point, which is fairly impossible at times. 

Not that this is the end of the Barkley clown session, because Smith annihilates all his greatest blunders while calling the game. 

Really, the crew should make this a regular segment where they point out all the pointless things muttered during the game, no matter the color commentator or play-by-play guy, because it's long overdue. 

Thanks to Barkley's need to look fabulous, we received a perfect amount of comedy Thursday night. 


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