Darelle Revis: What Are the Experts Saying About Potential Trade Rumors?

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent IJanuary 25, 2013

Darelle Revis: What Are the Experts Saying About Potential Trade Rumors?

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    The New York Jets are reportedly interested in trading away star cornerback Darrelle Revis.

    Per Mike Freeman of CBS Sports on Friday:

    The possibility of a Revis trade, first reported by CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora, is no longer just a possibility, according to a variety of sources. The Jets are strongly leaning toward the trade and teams are considering giving up significant capital to get him.

    "There's a Revis gold rush forming,” said a general manager.

    This is quite an interesting situation because Revis is still among the best players at his position and certainly throughout the league. So, Gang Green parting ways with him would be a significant hit to Rex Ryan's defense, and an enormous boost to another.

    The bite that comes with Revis, though, is his contract, which won't be appealing to the masses.

    As a result, let's check out what other experts around the NFL landscape are saying about the situation.

What Darrelle Revis Thinks

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    Okay, first, let's talk about the player himself, who expressed his viewpoint via Twitter.

    His perspective is not surprising and it's great to see Revis also mentioning the fans:

    I'm speechless by far but more importantly I feel more upset for the jet nation for having to go through this!!!

    — Darrelle Revis (@Revis24) January 24, 2013

    Patience, if anything, is needed. But this tweet also feels like Revis just got fueled with some additional motivation.

    I guess we'll see how this plays out.

    — Darrelle Revis (@Revis24) January 24, 2013

    For as dominant as Revis already is, a player of his talent utilizing even more focus and attitude to improve is scary good, especially for whomever he plays in the future.

Mike Freeman, CBS Sports

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    Back to the previous source of Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, he also writes:

    Several team sources are claiming the Jets want a first- and second-round pick for Revis, which is astronomical payment considering Revis is coming off knee surgery and will want a hefty contract.

    Other teams highly interested, I'm told, are DenverSan FranciscoBuffalo (not happening -- division rival), and even Seattle, which already has some of the best defensive backs in the game. One team also constantly mentioned by league sources is Green Bay, though the Packers, possessors of one of the best front offices in all of sports, usually don't give up high-round picks.

    That's quite an array of teams for Darrelle Revis, but the odds of someone giving up multiple early drafts selections is unlikely.

    He's simply too great of a risk when it comes to the injury and his contract, so any team that takes that leap will be putting its immediate future in Revis' hands. Despite his proven talent, skill becomes irrelevant if a player remains sidelined.

    It's why the Jets had defensive issues in 2012. Rex Ryan has the NFL's top cornerback, but the run defense struggled when he was out. Although the coverage remained solid, that's also because so few teams elected to outscore the Jets.

    Without an offense capable of consistently scoring, opponents just needed to keep New York's defense on the field and control the clock. And you keep a defense on the field by running the ball. Revis helped in run support, so it's no surprise the Jets lacked in the trenches and against short-yard situations.

Jason La Canfora, CBS Sports

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    From Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports on Wednesday:

    Revis is considered by many to be the best defensive player in the game. And with pass rusher Mario Williams earning $60 million guaranteed from Buffalo a year ago, [Woody] Johnson understands how financially restrictive it would be to retain Revis. His team desperately needs young, cheap, impact players to help reposition the team for the future, with 2013 a year of transition.

    Getting Revis signed to an extension would be a possibility to remedy this situation, but the sources said Johnson has established his desire to move the star corner if he can secure fair value in exchange.

    Mario Williams and the Buffalo Bills certainly impacted this situation for Darrelle Revis and the Jets.

    Williams was obviously a top player at his position for a number of years in Houston, but a season-ending injury landed him in Buffalo the following year, and Revis finds himself in an eerily similar spot.

    As for the Jets, the conundrum exists with trying to find a draft prospect with Revis' potential.

    Good luck.

    The flip side is retaining him, which obviously affects the financials. Regardless of what unfolds, New York will take a hit, on and off the field.

Rich Cimini, ESPN New York

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    Per Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com:

    [Woody] Johnson has "no confidence" in the Jets' ability to re-sign Revis, the person familiar with the owner's thinking said. Despite the knee injury, Revis could seek more than $16 million per year, which could be prohibitive for the cap-strapped Jets. They're already $19.4 million over the 2013 salary cap.

    The Jets could gauge interest around the league, hoping to receive fair-market value for Revis. But that will be difficult, considering the nature of his injury and his steep contract demands.

    At this juncture, Darrelle Revis' best odds to remain a Jet reside in him taking a pay cut.

    Given his injury and the Jets' salary cap, as Cimini mentions, each side is in quite a bind. Then again, that's the significant risk that any team takes when giving a player such a massive contract.

    No matter how many teams—or lack thereof—become interested, the double-whammy of Revis' injury and contract are not attractive. The bright side, however, is that Revis is only turning 28 years old before next season.

Mike Florio, NBC Sports

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    As expected, Rex Ryan is against the thought of trading Darrelle Revis.

    According to Mike Florio of NBC Sports:

    Per a league source, Ryan doesn’t want to trade Revis.  And that’s hardly a surprise.

    There has been no effort, we’re told, to even try to work out a new contract with Revis by their new G.M., John Idzik, who was hired less than a week ago.

    Given Revis' outstanding play prior to the 2012 season, the backing from Ryan is rightfully anticipated.

    A defensive-minded coach hoping to keep his best player is what enhances team chemistry. Factor in the fact that Revis is a team leader, and Ryan doesn't need to act as the lone motivator of the Jets.

    Plus, when a team has a player of Revis' talent, the luxury of coaching him is a fortunate opportunity. The downside, as Florio mentions, is not pursuit of trying to restructure the contract.

    On some level, that is a slap in the face to Revis and Ryan, because New York doesn't appear in two straight AFC title games, in 2009 and 2010, without either of them. And the organization is preventing Ryan from further exclusivity in coaching Revis, as well as Revis playing for Ryan.

Albert Breer, NFL.com

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    Albert Breer of NFL.com writes:

    Further complicating matters with Revis is the fact he is coming off anterior cruciate ligament surgery, and any team trading for him likely would want to lock him up and not assume the risk his current contract sets up, with the All-Pro's ability to walk next March.

    "Let's say he's healthy," one rival AFC executive said. "Then he should command a good return. But even then, it's hard to say because not every team is willing to pay that freight (in draft picks and/or players), then assume the contract situation."

    If there is any good news regarding Darrelle Revis' injury, it's the 2012 success of Adrian Peterson.

    And although Peterson is basically a demigod at this point, Revis potentially getting back to normal form would be enormous for whichever team he ends up on. The ultimate decider will be whether New York gets someone to tango with or whether they let Revis walk after the 2013 campaign.

    To a certain extent, Revis remaining a Jet for next season is virtually an interview process for prospective suitors in the 2013 offseason. Should he remain healthy, then Gang Green will be in trouble for not extending the contract.

Manish Mehta, New York Daily News

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    Manish Mehta, the Jets beat writer for the New York Daily News writes:

    Although a published report  suggested that Johnson “has expressed his desire to attempt to land value for Revis now” through a trade, it’s unlikely that the Jets could get a fair return for arguably the best defensive player in the NFL.

    Ryan would probably see a departure of Revis as a blow to his strength, the defense, and  in effect turn him into a lame duck coach.

    Combining the elements of Darrelle Revis' contract and injury, it would be surprising if a team gave up multiple picks for him.

    Yes, the guy is easily the best at his position and has already proven elite consistency when healthy.

    But the future is an investment risk for any team considering Revis. There's a risk with any draft pick, because obviously, they all must prove that they have NFL-caliber ability. Plus, there's a risk with Revis due to his contract and previous injury.

    Not to mention, if a team were to give up picks for Revis, what happens if he does not get back to 100 percent?

    That would immediately set the particular team that signs him back a few years, whereas building via the draft is the safer alternative.

James Walker, ESPN

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    ESPN's James Walker explores the potential trade value of Darrelle Revis through previous deals involving other solid cornerbacks:

    In 2004, the Denver Broncos traded for Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey of the Washington Redskins. In return, the Redskins got former Pro Bowl tailback Clinton Portis and a second-round pick.

    In 2010, the San Diego Chargers traded cornerback Antonio Cromartie to the Jets for a 2011 second-round pick. Like Revis, Cromartie was entering the final year of his contract in San Diego and wasn't expected to return. The Chargers got something for Cromartie with a second-round pick.

    Finally, in 2011 the Arizona Cardinals traded cornerback Dominique-Rodgers Cromartie in another player-for-player swap. Arizona shipped Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2012 second-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Kevin Kolb.

    When the Broncos and Redskins made their deal, Champ Bailey had just finished his fifth pro season. By comparison, Revis has five years experience but only four solid years of play. Only once has Bailey played in fewer than 13 games (nine in 2007).

    As for Antonio Cromartie, he never missed a game in four seasons with the Chargers. This just puts Revis' injury into perspective, because durability will translate into longevity.

    Dominique-Rodgers Cromartie is on par with Revis, but has remained much healthier overall. Certainly, Revis is better than all three, except maybe Bailey in his prime. However, injury concerns will always trump a contract and the guarantee of consistent durability.

    In short, the Jets must use the power of negotiation to get the most for Revis. Otherwise, teams will see the transparency and New York will be left hoping that he gets back to 2009's dominance.