Shady Recruiting 101

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Shady Recruiting 101
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Ever play the board game "Operation" before?

You might remember it as the one with the big doughy neutered guy with the plastic bones set into little nooks on his body, and the object of the game was to extract the bones ever so carefully without touching the sides.

Everyone had to use the same instrument to pull on them, and just one little mistake and—Oops!—so close, you’re through, next player.

That said, recruiting young talent is a bit like playing Operation for NCAA schools— a fragile process involving equal parts nuance and caution—and getting a little hasty while picking up talent can cost a program a lot more than a lost turn.

And some programs get fed up with the recruiting game—they're competitive and will use any means possible in order to secure the best young athletes they can.

The following is a breakdown of “alternative” styles of recruiting that we've seen exposed in the news, where programs decided to throw away the rule book and began dealing in the dark gray area under the table.

It’s not honorable, advisable or exactly or what you’d call “street legal.”

It’s Shady Recruiting 101.

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