WWE Royal Rumble 2013: 5 Better Options Than Dolph Ziggler to Open the Rumble

SMG@sethguttAnalyst IIJanuary 25, 2013

WWE Royal Rumble 2013: 5 Better Options Than Dolph Ziggler to Open the Rumble

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    Dolph Ziggler has already been announced as one of the Superstars to open the Rumble match and I have already discussed various options to join him as the first two entrants.

    However, is Dolph Ziggler the best option for WWE to open the Rumble match?

    With a number of tag teams and rivals in WWE, there may be more fitting Superstars to open this year’s Rumble match.

    Here are five pairs of WWE Superstars who would be better options than Dolph Ziggler to open the Royal Rumble match this Sunday.

Randy Orton and Sheamus

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    Not only are Orton and Sheamus rumored to be WrestleMania opponents, but they have not been on the same page leading up to the Royal Rumble.

    Both Superstars have been battling with 3MB and others to hype up the Royal Rumble. At the same time, it looks as though Orton may turn heel on Sheamus during the Rumble.

    What if these two begin the Rumble match?

    Shawn Michaels opened the Royal Rumble match with the Undertaker the year after they finished the Rumble. So if Sheamus opened the Rumble match after winning it last year, it would not be the first time this occurred.

Big E Langston and Ryback

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    Ryback vs. Big E Langston is one of my must-see feuds for 2013, but having these two Superstars open the Rumble match would be surprising.

    It is unclear if Big E Langston will even be an official competitor in the 30-man over-the-top rope challenge match. Even if he is, it wouldn’t make much sense for him to open the match with someone other than Dolph Ziggler in order to protect Mr. Money in the Bank.

    It would be interesting to see Ryback open the Rumble match, considering he should be one the final four Superstars in the ring at the end of the match. Ryback has never had lengthy matches, making the iron-man situation the wrong one for him.

New Age Outlaws

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    Another pair of tag team partners, or former partners that would be better options than Dolph Ziggler to open the Rumble match would be Road Dogg and Billy Gunn of the New Age Outlaws.

    It would be interesting if WWE had chosen to open the Rumble match with two surprise entrants. This has never been done before. At least not in the traditional sense that we look at surprise entrants now.

    It would also give the New Age Outlaws the opportunity to deliver their “Oh You Didn’t Know!?” promo, which would be especially fun for me due to the fact that it is the name of my radio show on ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com Radio.

John Cena and Loser of WWE Title Match

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    John Cena could very well end up opening the Rumble match with Dolph Ziggler, but what if the other superstar was either CM Punk or The Rock?

    It remains to be seen if the loser of the WWE title match enters the Royal Rumble, but depending on the order of the matches on Sunday, it could happen.

    Obviously if the WWE title match occurs last on Sunday night, the loser would not be able to enter the Royal Rumble.

    Whether it is Punk or Rock, John Cena has a history with both Superstars, making the opening to the Rumble match the most exciting one in the history of the event.

Team Hell No

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    Surprisingly, these two will not be opening the Rumble match, but would be the perfect pair to do so.

    The Royal Rumble match has begun with tag team partners before, such as in 1989 with Ax and Smash from Demolition. However, Kane and Daniel Bryan, Demolition members got along very well.

    Daniel Bryan would make a great fit for the iron man of the Rumble match and possibly do what Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio and technically Mr. McMahon did. Bryan should begin and finish the Rumble as the winner.

    If Kane opened the Rumble match, it would be very difficult for him not to pass Shawn Michaels with the most number of eliminations in Rumble history. Kane only needs to eliminate four Superstars to pass the Heartbreak Kid.


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    Although these options will not come to fruition due to Dolph Ziggler being one of the Superstars to open the Rumble match, they may make more sense.

    It would seem to depend on how WWE decides to book the Rumble, both for Ziggler and other Superstars before we can determine if this was the best option.

    Who do you think should open the Royal Rumble match?

    Is Dolph Ziggler and another Superstar the best option?

    Please leave your comments, suggestions, ideas and thoughts in the section below.



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