The Bluths Explain Football: The Tennessee Titans' Season in Review

Nate Dunlevy@NateDunlevyGuest ColumnistJanuary 25, 2013

Less juice, please Kenny?
Less juice, please Kenny?Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Welcome back to the Bluths Explain Football, a completely unnecessary series in which the cast of "Arrested Development" gives you insight into the AFC South.

The Bluths have been on hiatus during the regular season because there were actual games to discuss, but now they have returned with a vengeance.

Today's episode is "Best Man for the Gob." Let's see what it can teach us about the Tennessee Titans' 2012 season.


Plot Summary

Gob decides to stick with his marriage, leading Michael to suggest throwing a bachelor party. George Sr. takes it over and uses it as an opportunity to frame accountant Ira Gilligan for stealing money from the company.

Tobias decides to reunite the family band, while Buster really likes juice. I mean, seriously. Dude loves juice.


I don't have to do everything Dad says. He just happens to right about this.Gob

The Titans' 2012 began with Bud Adams insisting the team pursue Peyton Manning.

While in many ways the decision set the franchise back and kept them from pursuing other free agents such as Mario Williams, there's no question in hindsight that Manning would have helped.

He ended up having an MVP season, so there's little question he would have made a huge difference in Tennessee.


I don't want to blame it all on 9-11, but it certainly didn't help.Tobias

Jake Locker's shoulder injury in Week 1 wasn't a season-ender, but it certainly limited him physically and developmentally.

Locker ended up missing significant time, essentially six full games, and he didn't look like the same player when he returned.


No sugar for you. You just get more awful.Lucille

Kenny Britt just can't help himself.

The talented wideout got into trouble in the preseason, battled injuries and poor play, then capped it off with another incident involving the police after the season, according to

Tennessee needed Britt to take a leap in 2013, but the leap off the wagon wasn't the one it was looking for.


We don't need the wood blocks.Tobias

The Titans failed to upgrade the front four, despite adding Kamerion Wimbley in free agency. The Manning pursuit limited their options.

That forced defensive coordinator Jerry Gray to blitz linebackers to generate pressure.

It's fine in theory to not have great pass-rushing linemen, but it often works out poorly in execution. The Titans' blitzes resulted in more sacks than in 2011, but the net effect on the back end was bad.

Teams passed liberally on Tennessee, resulting in the most points allowed in football.


This party's going to be off the hook.Buster

The game of the year for the Titans was probably the thrilling overtime win over the Detroit Lions. Tennessee rode a raft of big plays to a 44-41 win that ended with a botched fourth-down play by the Lions deep in Titans territory.

The game featured a 65-yard punt return, 105-yard kickoff return, a 71-yard pass, a 72-yard fumble return and went into OT on 46-yard Hail Mary pass by the Lions.

Best of all, it happened early enough in the season that Titans fans still had hope and could enjoy it.


Do you think you can handle it alone? Because if you don't perform, we don't validate.Pharmaceutical rep

This goes out to Michael Roos for a fantastic season on an otherwise weak offensive line. Roos didn't exactly play by himself, but he was the brightest light in a dismal season up front for the Titans.

The line frequently imploded on run plays and gave up big hits on the quarterback, but Roos was a rock and an anchor the Titans can build around.


What we got here is lasting fun. You think about that.Michael

Mike Munchak's insistence that the Titans were on the right track was hard to reconcile with the weekly beatings the team endured. Tennessee suffered one of the worst point differentials in the league and was repeatedly stomped by clubs with a winning record.

The more you saw of the 2012 Titans, the more it looked like a team without a foundation, rather than a team laying one.


You're out of the band.Tobias

With all the problems the Titans had in 2012, it stands to reason that the only real casualty was offensive coordinator Chris Palmer.

Clearly, all the Titans' many problems could be traced back to Palmer and firing him will clearly fix both the offense and the defense and lead the Titans to glory in 2013.

Of course, if you believe that, I've got a great story to tell you about a narcoleptic stripper.


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