WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Analyzing Jim Ross' Royal Rumble Predictions

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJanuary 24, 2013

Photo from WWE.com.
Photo from WWE.com.

Among the many things Jim Ross posted on his blog Thursday, the most intriguing are his thoughts on who might win the Royal Rumble match and who will win the WWE championship match Sunday.

As a man closely associated with WWE, one has to take anything Ross says with a grain of salt.

How much of the Royal Rumble results does he already know? How much of his predictions are simply misdirection?

Whatever percentage of Ross' comments about CM Punk vs. The Rock are colored by kayfabe, they still offer an interesting read. The Hall of Fame announcer threw out more than just a predicted winner for the WWE title match.

Ross writes, "I see the established mega star (Rock) being pushed to his outer limits by the overachieving former indy wrestler who was perfected is craft to become the #1 man in the #1 company of its kind in the world."

Win or lose, WWE would be wise to follow this storyline. It's OK for Punk to lose, but for him to look weak in the process cheapens the experience.

As for the winner of the match, Ross offered this:

At the end of the day, I expect one major error to cost Punk the WWE Title. Rock will walk out of Phoenix a battled and bruised man but the new WWE Champion, however, I expect CM Punk to leave Phoenix as the star of the show.

Punk has experience in doing just that.

Though he lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Jeff Hardy at Night of Champions 2009, CM Punk ended up the star of the night with his stellar performance.

Should WWE decide to take the title off Punk at Royal Rumble, this should be their goal: For Punk to look like an even bigger star despite the loss.

Good Ol' JR also gave his thoughts on who would win the Rumble match:

Kind of think that John Cena should win the Rumble match but I could also see someone like Dolph Ziggler stealing that specific 'show’ too.

Ross may be right on both counts.

Dolph Ziggler is going to start the Rumble off which may lead to him lasting an impressive amount of time a la The Miz last year. As for Cena winning the whole thing, one should never bet against him winning anything.

Having gone the entire 2012 without a title may just be too long for Cena in WWE's mind. Cena is among the favorites come Sunday, and a betting man would put his money on Mr. Fruity Pebbles to come out on top.

Ross' Royal Rumble predictions may be right on or a means to throw fans off the scent. Either way, fans will not have to wait long to find out.