Why The Prime Time Players Need a New Manager

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJanuary 25, 2013

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

The Prime Time Players have faded into the shadow of mediocrity without Abraham Washington and need a new manager to regain their momentum.

With AW in their corner beginning at No Way Out 2012, Titus O'Neil and Darren Young seemed to be on the verge of capturing the WWE tag team titles. In fact, they were the top contenders for the gold until Team Hell No defeated them for that position on the Sept. 10 edition of Raw.

Since then, Team Rhodes Scholars have surpassed them.

Without AW, they have zero pay-per-view wins. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow have two in that span.

Washington was the spark that made The Prime Time Players stand out. More than a mouthpiece, he made O'Neil and Young a cohesive unit that compelled.

WWE overreacted to AW's Kobe Bryant rape joke and Twitter rant on Linda McMahon and released him on Aug. 10, 2012. His absence has lowered The Prime Time Players' status to that of The Usos, talented, but underused.

O'Neil showed off his funny side when he did commentary on Raw. Paul Heyman even went as far as to call it a breakthrough moment.

@titusoneilwwe had one of those rare breakthrough moments on @wwe #RAW last night. #MillionsOfDollas

— Paul Heyman (@HeymanHustle) November 21, 2012


As much as sizzle as that performance had, O’Neil isn't strong enough to carry the team on the mic. Young is awkward and timid more often than not. A manager can make the team's interview more robust.

The tag team division is crowded and teams need something that gets fans' attention. Rosa Mendes' sex appeal makes Primo and Epico that much more desirable to watch.

Think of the great teams of yesteryear and just how many of them where flanked by a manager.

Hart Foundation had Jimmy Hart. The Road Warriors had Paul Ellering. Everyone from The Moondogs to The Wild Samoans had Captain Lou Albano.

O'Neil and Young can put on good matches as seen by their work in the recent tag team tournament.

Against Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, they played the vicious bullies when needed and the dazed victims as well. O'Neil and Young are both solid performers who will likely improve as they accumulate experience.

A new manager can recharge their stagnant careers and allow them to showcase those ring skills.

Plucking a face from the past infuses The Prime Time Players with the power of nostalgia.

It gets fans talking about them. New storylines all but write themselves.

What's Jimmy Hart doing these days? What about Slick or Marlena? Alternatively, Teddy Long is around with not much to do.

Someone funny with great stage presence or just a pretty face elevates O'Neil and Young and the tag division as a whole.

A more entertaining version of The Prime Time Players makes a feud with The Usos or Primo and Epico more appealing. And like when AW abandoned Primo and Epico for O'Neil and Young, a manager adds the possibility of the classic manager switching sides angle.

The Prime Time Players are not likely to ever make millions of dollars like they suggest, but the simple addition of another manager would do wonders for them.