The 10 Most Humiliating Moments in Soccer History

Charlie Melman@@charliemelmanCorrespondent IIJanuary 25, 2013

The 10 Most Humiliating Moments in Soccer History

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    What soccer giveth, soccer can also taketh away.

    The fact is that this sport we love can either make a man into a hero or utterly embarrass him in front of millions of passionate fans.

    Such is the life of the modern footballer.

    But just because they play for our entertainment and often get paid obscene amounts of money to do so, let's humiliate them some more. Here are the 10 most humbling moments in soccer history.

Yakubu Misses a Sitter

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    This is one of those chances that I can honestly say I would have scored with ease.

    To make matters worse for Yakubu (normally a clinical striker), this horrible miss cost Nigeria a birth in the Round of 16 in the 2010 World Cup.

Diana Ross Misses a Penalty

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    During the opening ceremonies of the 1994 World Cup, Diana Ross had a fairly simple task: get a shot on goal from about six yards.

    I guess Ross never practiced.

    It's alright, though, at least she didn't have a large audience. Wait...

Peter Enckelman's Howler

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    I have to say, I really admire Peter Enckelman for his incredible composure.

    During a match between Aston Villa and Birmingham City (one of the biggest derbies in England), Enckelman completely took his eye off a tame throw-in and let the ball slip past his foot and into the back of the net.

    Yet when confronted (and even patted on the face) by pitch-invading Birmingham fans, he keeps his cool, calmly reflecting upon the biggest mistake of his career.

    That's the kind of thing that can shatter someone's confidence permanently.

Paul Robinson's Air Kick

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    What's worse than whiffing on a kick? Whiffing when you're a goalkeeper.

    What's worse than whiffing when you're a goalkeeper? Having that whiff lead to an own goal.

    What's worse that being you right now? Being England goalie Paul Robinson when that exact thing happened to him.

    Too bad for Gary Neville; the own goal was officially his.

Jonathan Walters vs. Chelsea

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    Sometimes, the only way to cope with a horrendous day is to laugh at one's own misfortune.

    A few weeks ago, Stoke's Jonathan Walters certainly had one of those days.

    He didn't just score one own goal against Chelsea—a dubious feat embarrassing in itself. Oh, no: Walters headed two crosses into his own net.

    We all have it tough, but that man needs a vacation.

Fahad Khalfan Refuses to Use His Right Foot

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    I don't know whether Qatari forward Fahad Khalfan wanted to showboat or if he just has no confidence in his right foot, but this might be the worst miss I've ever seen.

    Given an easy tap-in, Khalfan lost all of his confidence and lost the game for Qatar. They lost 1-0.

Jonathan Soriano Skies a Penalty

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    I'm not quite sure how a professional footballer could miss a penalty this badly, but here you go.

    Soriano actually hits the ball so hard that it sails far over the camera. At least we know that he has a lot of power.

Ashley Cole in the Nude

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    If you're a football fan and you don't support Chelsea, chances are you dislike Ashley Cole.

    And it's even harder to have sympathy for the man when he's sending naked pictures of himself to a topless model.

    It's incredibly humiliating to have the story and the images go public for the whole world to gawk at. Months later, then-wife Cheryl Cole filed for divorce.

Peter Devine Carves a Divot

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    I get that the pitch quality was poor and we're not exactly talking about Lionel Messi here, but that is still some embarrassing penalty miss by Peter Devine.

    Perhaps he can crawl into the hole he just dug with his right foot.

John Terry Loses the Champions League

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    Could any footballer possibly experience a greater feeling of disappointment than John Terry did in the 2008 Champions League final?

    All Chelsea's captain had to do was put one past Edwin van der Sar and the great Champions League dream would be realized.

    But it was raining. And with the biggest prize in club football on the line, Terry fell down at the moment of truth and sliced his penalty well wide of the goal.

    It's OK, John, not like anyone was watching or anything.