The Worst Royal Rumble Competitors Ever

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistJanuary 25, 2013

The Worst Royal Rumble Competitors Ever

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    Since 1988, The Royal Rumble has become one of WWE’s most anticipated events. Hundreds of men (and a few women) have competed for the chance to headline WrestleMania.

    Only one person can win. That leaves a lot of room for failures.

    We all remember the best Rumble competitors of all time: Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels. But does anyone remember the worst?

    This list takes a look at the competitors who had the most entries with the shortest times, and the least amount of eliminations.

    The Royal Rumble is about survival, and these men weren't very good at hanging on for dear life.

    This year, keep your eye on up-and-comer Zack Ryder. He's had two terrible Rumble entries and could make this prestigious list in the coming years.

    Here is a look at the 11 worst Royal Rumble competitors in history.

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11. Steve Blackman

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    Much like Steve Blackman’s promo ability, his Royal Rumble skills were also pretty lackluster.

    His martial arts training somehow didn't translate to being able to throw someone over the top rope.

    The only interesting note of Blackman's time in the Rumble is that in his four entries, he entered seventh twice and 10th twice.

    Admittedly, that’s not very interesting, but it sums up his forgettable times in the match pretty well.

    Royal Rumble Stats:

    4 Rumbles entered

    0 Eliminations

    Best time: 7:22

    Worst Time: 44 seconds

10. Bradshaw

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    JBL is no Royal Rumble god.

    Despite having a great run as WWE champion, and multiple tag team titles reigns, he was a lousy Rumble competitor.

    He had an impressive 35-minute run in the 1998 Royal Rumble, but he only took out one man (Kurgan, with the help of others) in that time.

    That ended up being the only elimination he would ever have. 

    Even more embarrassing for the tough Texan was that two of his entries lasted less than a minute.

    Lucky for him, he has an announcing career to fall back on.

    Royal Rumble Stats:

    5 Rumbles entered

    1 Elimination

    Best Time: 35:45

    Worst Time: 25 seconds

9. The Honky Tonk Man

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    The Honky Tonk Man will be remembered more for his Intercontinental title reigns than for his Royal Rumble skills.

    He’s one of the most sporadic competitors in the history of the match. He was involved in the second and third Rumble matches, but then didn’t return again until 1998.

    He had one last go at it in 2001 before he was quickly tossed out by Kane.

    While Honky Tonk Man was able to hold onto his Intercontinental title for over a year, he wasn't ever able to hold onto the top rope in the Royal Rumble.

    Royal Rumble Stats:

    4 Rumbles entered

    0 Eliminations

    Best time: 19:55

    Worst time: 1:16

8. Chavo Guerrero

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    Chavo ended his WWE run on a pretty embarrassing note. He spent most of his time jobbing to Hornswoggle and looking like a fool.

    He was also a pretty big embarrassment in the Royal Rumble.

    His biggest claim to fame in the match would be taking out CM Punk in 2008. It was the only elimination he ever had.

    In the 2005 Rumble, Chavo’s uncle, Eddie, had a longer run than he did in all five of his appearances combined.

    Royal Rumble Stats:

    5 Rumbles entered

    1 Elimination

    Best time: 7:33

    Worst time: 59 seconds

7. Matt Hardy

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    The only wrestler that Matt Hardy ever threw out of the Royal Rumble by himself was his own brother.

    Even though he stabbed his own flesh and blood in the back, it didn't get him anywhere. It was probably an awkward ride home for the two.

    In his first year in the Rumble match, he threw out Jeff and later two others with help.

    His next six Rumbles were failures.

    While Matt spent a decent amount of time in the ring on a couple of occasions, he left on a flat note when Kane tossed him out in 20 seconds.

    Royal Rumble Stats:

    7 Rumbles entered

    3 Eliminations

    Best Time: 27:13

    Worst Time: 20 seconds

6. The Godfather

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    Whether he was The Godfather, The Goodfather, Kama Mustafa or Papa Shango, Charles Wright had an unsuccessful Rumble career.

    Standing at 6’6" and weighing over 300 lbs, you’d have thought The Godfather would be tough to knock out of the ring.

    Apparently, that wasn’t the case.

    He had so many opportunities but squandered them all away. He even entered 29th in the 2000 Rumble, but he lasted under two minutes.

    In two of his other entries in the match, he lasted less than one minute.

    Maybe The Godfather should have spent less time pimpin’ and more time training.

    Royal Rumble Stats:

    7 Rumbles entered

    1 elimination (with help)

    Worst Time: 14 seconds

    Best Time: 15:57

5. Santino Marella

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    Santino nearly won the 2011 Royal Rumble, but he also has the distinction of the shortest time ever in the match.

    In 2009, Marella was knocked out of the match by Kane in 1.9 seconds.

    Perhaps because of this embarrassment, he tried a new approach. His longest time spent in the match was obtained because he hid under the ring. 

    To his credit, though, Santino does have one elimination to his name. He took out Ricardo Rodriguez in the 2012 match.

    Royal Rumble Stats:

    4 Rumbles entered

    1 elimination

    Best Time: 12:55

    Worst time: 1.9 seconds

4. A-Train/Albert

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    Poor Matt Bloom. He has the size and the experience, but he just chokes under pressure at the Royal Rumble.

    In five outings, he’s failed to throw out a single competitor.

    It didn’t matter if he called himself Albert or The A-Train, he just couldn’t get anyone over that top rope.

    His Rumble nemesis is Kane, who threw him out twice by himself and once with the help of Rob Van Dam.

    There's always hope, though. Maybe this year he’ll have better luck as Tensai.

    Let's not get our hopes up, though. If he does enter the match, he’s more likely to embarrass himself further.

    Royal Rumble Stats:

    5 Rumbles entered

    0 eliminations

    Best time: 15:53

    Worst Time: 48 seconds

3. The Warlord

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    Maybe if Hulk Hogan never competed in the Royal Rumble, the Warlord would have stood a chance.

    In Warlord’s four Rumble appearances, Hogan had a hand in eliminating him three times!

    Warlord was imposing, and weighed over 300 lbs, but for some reason he was an easy target.

    Officially, The Warlord is credited with the second-shortest Rumble time ever recorded at 1.9 seconds.

    Royal Rumble Stats:

    4 Rumbles entered

    0 Eliminations

    Worst time: 2 seconds

    Best Time: 8:16

2. Scotty 2 Hotty

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    Scotty 2 Hotty should have probably stuck to dancing.

    In four Royal Rumble matches, he didn’t last three minutes a single time.

    His last shot was in 2005, and he didn’t even make it to the ring. He was attacked by Muhammad Hassan during his entrance.

    Some may theorize that he actually won that match since he was technically never thrown out.

    Royal Rumble Stats:

    4 Rumbles entered

    0 Eliminations

    Best Time: 2:36

    Worst Time: 46 seconds

1. Bushwhacker Luke

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    Somehow, Bushwhacker Butch had a much better Royal Rumble experience than Luke had.

    Butch had an 18-minute run in the 1989 match and even eliminated the The Honky Tonk Man.

    Luke, on the other hand, had three Rumbles to his name, two of which lasted under 15 seconds.

    He also had one of the most notorious entrances of all time when he was eliminated in four seconds.

    Upon his entrance, he did his trademark march and arm swing. As he entered the ring, he was immediately grabbed by Earthquake and tossed out.

    Then he marched right back.

    Of the hundreds of competitors who have entered the Royal Rumble, Bushwhacker Luke was the worst. Somewhere Drew Carrey is smiling.

    Royal Rumble Stats:

    3 Rumbles entered

    0 Eliminations

    Best Time: 3:08

    Worst Time: 4 seconds