Minor League Hockey Beer-Drinking Event Turned into Beer-Puking Exhibition

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 24, 2013

Photo Credit: Rapid City Journal
Photo Credit: Rapid City Journal

Proving that is is never a good idea to force college students to chug beer, a South Dakota minor league hockey team's College Night turned into a horrible puking nightmare. 

Rapid City Journal (h/t Deadspin) reports on the moment an obviously horrible idea made good on that particular promise. 

It seems the Rapid City Rush were trying to think outside of the box in getting people excited during intermission of a recent game. 

In throwing a College Night, they already assured themselves of packing the house with the kind of young adults who enjoy their sporting fare with a good amount of beer. 

However, the night included something called the "College Olympics," similar to the actual Olympics but with less exertion and far more alcoholic beverages.

Oh, and puking. 

But last Friday night, an intermission event featuring college students chugging beers ended with vomit on the ice and egg on the Rush organization's face.

Rapid City Rush season ticket holder Tom Regan of Lead was disgusted when two college students chugged down beers and vomited on the ice.

Stay classy, Rapid City Rush. 

The "Olympics" featured a two-person team from both South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and Black Hills State University. Each team was asked to participate in things like "running on the ice, riding on a cooler and spinning around a hockey stick."

So far, sounds fairly innocuous. 

Oh, and each male participant chugged four beers which caused regurgitating bedlam. "One student vomited twice and the other male student vomited once, according to spectators."

Well, duh. 

The last thing you want to do before or after a brief and sudden explosion of exercise is chug beer, but we guess hindsight is something not usually afforded minor league hockey teams. 

One fan spoke up with pure disgust. 

It was almost enough to quit as a four-year season ticket holder of two seats. The Rush can do better. My wife and I were disappointed as there are many youngsters easily impressed by inappropriate behavior, and many adults that do not want to see promotion of drinking and vomiting at a public venue in the name of entertainment.

My guess is this fan has never been to a music festival. 

As for the team, they are not about to embark on any beer-swilling events in the future. Rapid City Rush general manager Tim Hill was reportedly fielding a flood of irate phone calls and claims this was all in good fun but it went horribly awry. 

We should say so. 

Please, let's keep the binge drinking to college campuses where it belongs. 


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