25 Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJanuary 26, 2013

25 Sexiest Super Bowl Commercials

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    The Super Bowl has grown into so much more than the NFL's championship game. "Super Bowl Sunday" is a media spectacle that not only draws in diehard fans of the two teams playing, but also the rich and powerful. 

    However, finding a coveted ticket and shelling out thousands of dollars to be a part of the madness is just a fraction of the experience. The Super Bowl is must-watch television; millions of people will throw parties and concoct Super Bowl-themed snacks that range from delicious to insane.

    As the most watched television event of the year, the Super Bowl has cultivated an entirely unique entertainment medium: the Super Bowl commercial. 

    Paying millions to land a spot that is guaranteed to be viewed by a captive audience of millions, companies compete to create the most talked about commercial aired during Super Bowl. As a result, the commercials themselves are almost as big a draw as the game itself.

    While these epic ads can be hit-or-miss, one way to create a buzz is to stick with the tried and true strategy of going sexy. Sometimes the buzz is more about how many people are offended, rather than wowed, but either way...people are talking. 

    Over the years the Super Bowl has given us some of the sexiest commercials that a network has ever dared to air in prime time. These are the 25 sexiest Super Bowl commercials.

25. Carmen Electra for Ice Breakers

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    A while back there was a period of time when the only thing you needed to do to make something sexy was add Carmen Electra—thankfully we've moved beyond that as a nation.

    That was the guiding premise behind this Ice Breakers commercial that ran during the Super Bowl in 2008. Electra is at a fan event surrounded by bodyguards when a lovestruck young man offers her a piece of gum, causing her to accidentally utter her safe word "Whoa." 

    Wacky hijinks ensue. 

24. Kaley Cuoco for Toyota

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    Kaley Cuoco, the sexy star of CBS' hit comedy The Big Bang Theory, stars in this ad for Toyota set to premiere during Super Bowl XLVII

    The commercial opens up by zooming in on Cuoco, rocking a skin tight purple ensemble and matching platform stilettos, as she and her dog strut down the street granting wishes to the fellas she encounters. 

    In a hilariously nostalgic turn, the wishes granted are those requested by diminutive rapper Skee-Lo in his one hit wonder "I wish." 

    Anyone familiar with that song will immediately realize the wishes stop short of delivering a '64 Impala. Good call, Toyota. 

23. Ray Charles and the "Uh Huh" Girls for Diet Pepsi

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    This Diet Pepsi ad featuring famed singer Ray Charles ran during the 1991 Super Bowl. It features Charles singing the catchy jingle "You got the right on, baby" and the sexy 'Uh-Huh Girls' singing backup for him. 

    The background dancers, upwards of two dozen women donning revealing gold costumes, add to the sex appeal of the spot. The Charles ad is definitely one of the most memorable in Super Bowl history. 

22. Banned Ad: Bud Light Skinny Dippers

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    In 2007 this Bud Light commercial was deemed unacceptably salacious and banned from airing during the Super Bowl. 

    The ad features an attractive young couple on a date when things take a suggestive turn and they decide to go skinny dipping. 

    But things don't get too scandalous until we see that the pool, as well as the couple's bottomless bodies, are the main attraction for a bunch of grunting frat boys at a bar below. 

    The visual itself isn't all that provocative, but the idea itself is more than a little unsettling. Bud Light isn't crying about getting banned though, the YouTube video has over 18 million views. 

21. Shirtless Dudes for Chevy

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    Even though a large portion of the Super Bowl viewing audience is female, the overwhelming majority of advertising is aimed at men. Which is why this 2007 spot for the Chevy HHR was such a welcomed change of pace. 

    The ad featured a number of men so drawn to the car that they "can't keep their hands off it." So instead they converge on the car, strip down to varying states of undress, and get down to business washing it in traffic. I'm sold. 

20. Adriana Lima for KIA

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    A Kia commercial starring model Adriana Lima was one of the most buzzed about Super Bowl ads in 2012. 

    It was a star studded affair that also featured the band Monley Crue and MMA fighter Chuck Lidell, but Lima's performance in a barely there bathing suit, waving the checkered flag, was the definitive highlight. 

    The ad was long enough that eventually it was broken down into countless variations of the original, but her part was the only one never to be cut out entirely. 

    Lima's checkered flag waving proved so popular that it was remade into its own standalone video on YouTube, which runs five hours on a continuous loop. 

19. Banned Ad: Ashley Madison

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    AshleyMadison.com is a controversial dating site that caters to married people looking for just the right person to cheat on their spouses with.

    They had a sexy Super Bowl spot rejected in 2009, which apparently taught them nothing, because this even sexier ad was rejected in 2011. 

    The commercial features a sexy woman who finds out her husband is cheating on her and then realizes everyone else is doing the same damn thing.

    Some affairs are gay, some are with furries, some are with animals, and some are just the old fashioned kind with a human person of the opposite gender. 

    Then she is welcomed to the club by some hot blonde lady and ::poof:: she's in her hot pink underwear. WTF. 

18. Beyonce for Beyonce

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    Sexy singer Beyonce Knowles had previously starred in a very sexy Super Bowl spot for Vizio in 2010. But her sexiest Super Bowl starring role came in a commercial for herself. 

    In November 2012 Beyonce was featured in an ad promoting Beyonce as the headlining half-time act for Super Bowl XLVII. 

    Her performance is one of the most hotly anticipated acts of the last decade and the commercial certainly captured that enthusiasm. 

17. Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor for Visa

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    Seven months prior to the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Visa ran this Super Bowl spot featuring Olympic beach volleyball players Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor.

    The dynamic duo were sporting their trademark teeny bikinis, but they were playing in the snow instead of sand.

    It was definitely one of the sexiest ads of the year because someone at Visa knows you can never go wrong with hot babes in bikinis. That's just the science of Super Bowl advertising. 

16. Halle Berry for M&M's

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    This commercial, which aired during the Super Bowl in 1999, was one of the first M&M ads that portrayed the candy as the lustful desire of a beautiful woman.

    It features a bikini clad Halle Berry in a swimming pool eyeing up an M&M, floating contently in an inner tube, before he wises up and decides to flee.

    The ad was well received and the premise is something they have been repeating in their advertising ever since.  

15. Kate Upton for Mercedes-Benz

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    With all the headlines the Mercedes-Benz ad starring Kate Upton has made ahead of the 2013 Super Bowl, you'd think it would be a lot racier than it actually is.

    The commercial teases the potential of seeing a sudsy Upton washing a car, but it turns out that a bunch of slack jawed high school football players are doing the washing instead.

    Upton seductively approaches and informs them that "(they) missed a spot" before strutting off into the distance. The curvaceous model definitely looks sexy donning jean shorts and a tank top, but it's far from scandalous.

    It seems Upton has reached a level of sex appeal that her mere presence needs an R rating because of how hot and bothered everyone seems to get. 

14. Danica Patrick and the Pussycat Dolls for GoDaddy

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    Since their first commercial debuted in 2005 GoDaddy, the online purveyors of cheap domain names, have produced countless retreads of the patented semi-scandalous smut that made their brand famous. 

    There are enough of these commercials to fill out their own list, but since they're all exactly the same, only two of them are included on this list.

    Their most recent Super Bowl ad in 2012 featured Danica Patrick, NASCAR driver and longtime spokeswoman, preaching the glory of GoDaddy to the angelic Pussycat Dolls. 

    It could be a rerun of a commercial from a few years ago and people probably wouldn't even know the difference. Nothing revolutionary here, but I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 

13. Ali Landry for Doritos

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    In 1998 Doritos ran this ad for their new brand of "3D" chips, which featured an attractive lady at a laundromat who is so excited about the snack that she's literally flipping over them. 

    The premise was ridiculous, but the public flipped over the "Doritos girl," and she was brought on to do several more ads. 

    The popularity of this sexy Super Bowl ad helped launch the career of Al Landry, a former Miss USA, who has been working as an actress and television personality ever since.  

12. Adriana Lima for Victoria's Secret

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    In one of many Super Bowl ads she's appeared in, model Adriana Lima starred in this 2008 ad for Victoria's Secret. It featured Lima in little more than a tank top, casually playing with a football to the tune of "I'm in the Mood for Love."

    The commercial was promoting Victoria's Secret for Valentines Day, but the messaging was probably lost on most wide-eyed viewers. 

11. Brittney Spears (and Bob Dole) for Pepsi

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    It's hard to believe that there was ever a time when the sexiness of pop star Brittney Spears was so undeniable that even the appearance of aged politician Bob Dole couldn't dull it.

    But that was definitely the case in 2002 when she starred in this Super Bowl Pepsi ad which featured a surprise cameo by Dole at the end.

    Spears strutted her stuff in a number of Pepsi commercials early in her career, but this one has to be the sexiest. She's doing the whole singing and dancing thing, but without all the cutesy costumes and unnecessary story lines. 

10. Bikini Babe for Tabasco

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    Every year Super Bowl advertising attracts a familiar cast of characters; soda companies, beer brands, and car makers. But in 2005 McIlhernry Tabasco decided to test the waters with this sexy spot.

    The ad features a very attractive woman in a bikini heading home from a day at the beach and having a spicy snack. Only to realize that the fiery Tabasco had caused a reverse tan.

    That's definitely a side effect that should be mentioned on the label. 

9. Megan Fox for Motorola

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    Actress Megan Fox has dropped off the radar a bit in the last two years, but she was one of the biggest new stars in 2010 when she starred in this Super Bowl ad for Motorola. 

    Fox was featured lounging in a bubble bath, wondering out loud what might happen if she were to send out some sexy sudsy photos to an unsuspecting public. 

    It turns out, the public couldn't handle it. No big surprise there.

8. PETA Veggie Love

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    Animal rights group PETA is no stranger to sexually suggestive attention-grabbing tactics. Celebrities routinely pose nude, or next to nude, for PETA to help raise awareness for the cause. 

    But, according to NBC executives, they definitely crossed a line in 2009 with their ad "Veggie Love," which was deemed too sexy for TV. 

    With attention grabbing music playing in the background, the women in the ad were scantily clad in sexy lingerie while performing a number of oddly suggestive acts with various fruits and vegetables. 

    The tagline appears at the end and reads "Vegetarians have better sex." And that's why it was banned. 

7. Farrah Fawcett and Joe Namath for Noxzema

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    This 1973 ad for Noxzema starring (then a relatively unknown) actress Farrah Fawcett and former Jets quarterback Joe Namath was one of the first sexy Super Bowl ads to create a major stir.

    The spot opens with Namath delivering the suggestive line "I'm so excited, I'm gonna get creamed!" and closes with him complimenting Fawcett, "You've got a great pair of hands."

    Even with all the over-the-top sexy ads today, it's hard to imagine that kind of dialogue making it to air. 

6. Kim Kardashian for Sketchers

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    In 2011, two years and about 20 boyfriends ago, reality television star Kim Kardashian starred in this racy spot for Skechers.

    In a role that is probably all too familiar to her, Kardashian, dressed in her finest workout underwear, and her trainer get physical together on the floor during a workout. After the work out, she leaves him sweaty and unsatisfied, shunning him in favor of her magical shoes that will do his job for him.

    He is transfixed on Kardashian's…assets…as she casually says goodbye to him forever. A scenario that has, no doubt, played itself out in real life for her countless times. 

5. Adriana Liam for Teleflora

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    In 2012 supermodel Adriana Lima starred in a supersexy ad for Teleflora.com. The flower company used the Victoria's Secret model to promote sending flowers to your sweetie for Valentine's Day.

    Lima seductively delivered the line "Give and you shall receive," an insinuation that created some controversy. Many believed the provocative suggestion was sexist and took to the web to lodge formal complaints.

    But anyone who believed Teleflora was advocating a fair trade of flowers for sex, probably takes the world and themselves a little too seriously.

4. David Beckham for H&M

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    In 2012 it was widely reported that the gender gap in Super Bowl viewers was narrowing, with 46 percent of the audience now being female. Nothing is more indicative of that shift than the ad that ran for the clothing company H&M during the Super Bowl in 2012. 

    The commercial featured an awe inspiring David Beckham wearing donning nothing more than his underwear and a smile. The camera circles around Beckham, zooming in on various chiseled body parts and tattoos. 

    Likely willfully ignored by much of the male viewing audience, the Beckham ad was a resounding success with the ladies. And likely a sign of things to come.

3. Candice Michelle for GoDaddy

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    This is the granddaddy of GoDaddy ads, which have been plaguing the airwaves with PG-13 smut since this spot debuted at the Super Bowl in 2005. 

    Obviously trying to capitalize on the infamous Janet Jackson half-time wardrobe malfunction in 2004, busty model Candice Michelle has a wardrobe malfunction of her own in this ad. She's seen testifying before Congress about censorship when a strap on her tank top breaks as she's demonstrating her vision for a Super Bowl ad. 

    The commercial created quite a buzz and GoDaddy found the formula for all of their future advertising. They've been producing the same sort of thing for every Super Bowl since. 

2. Banned Ad: Kate Upton for Carl's Jr.

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    Unlike the oddly tame Mercedes-Benz commercial starring Kate Upton that has made headlines in 2013, it's no surprise this Carl's Jr. commercial that she appeared in 2012 caused some controversy. 

    The 1950s inspired ad features Upton in a convertible, alone at a drive-in movie with only a delicious Carl's Jr. hamburger on hand to keep her company. 

    A sweaty and writhing Upton decides to partially undress and take the hamburger into the backseat for a little alone time. Some relatively graphic alone time for a woman and a piece of meat. 

    But she's hardly alone back there, having attached the prying eyes of every man within eyeshot—including one with an unhappy girlfriend. Jeez! It's like he's never seen a hot broad casually enjoying some fast food. 

1. Cindy Crawford for Pepsi

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    In 1992 Pepsi used this Super Bowl spot featuring supermodel Cindy Crawford to debut their redesigned logo.

    Donning cutoff jean shorts and a tight white tank top, an over-heated Crawford was shown sauntering up to a Pepsi machine while two curious boys looked on. 

    Obviously you'd think the boys were admiring Crawford as she slowly drinks her beverage, but then one says "Is that a great new Pepsi can, or what?"

    The spot was simple, yet funny and sexy, and so popular that it was remade for Diet Pepsi more than a decade later.