Pick or Pass? Chiefs' Draft Scenarios for Each Top Quarterback Prospect

Christopher HansenNFL AnalystJanuary 24, 2013

Zac Dysert, Ryan Nassib and Mike Glennon should all be options for the Chiefs.
Zac Dysert, Ryan Nassib and Mike Glennon should all be options for the Chiefs.USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs need a quarterback and everyone knows it. There is no doubt that a team with only three wins has major issues, but the Chiefs are unique in that they also have six players in the Pro Bowl. With a good quarterback and few other tweaks to the roster, the Chiefs could be a playoff team in 2013.

Since the Chiefs have the No.1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft and the No. 34 overall pick in the second round, they are going to get a chance to draft a quarterback. The Chiefs simply need to find the guy they like and make sure they get him.

The quarterback crop lacks an elite player, but there aren’t going to be many years that produce three or more franchise signal callers. The year after Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson all produce at an elite level as rookies is obviously going to be a letdown. It would be unwise to discount the quarterbacks that are available because they aren’t of the same caliber as the ones who came out in 2012.


Geno Smith

The Chiefs would have to draft Geno Smith with the No. 1 overall pick to ensure they get him. Considered the Chiefs need a quarterback as badly as they do, they have to entertain the idea of drafting Smith. The danger here is assuming the Chiefs will be handcuffed by their extreme need when they can always draft one at the top of the second round.

Smith still seems like the likeliest option to land with the Chiefs because he possesses all the necessary traits to be a franchise quarterback and his flaws are all very coachable. Andy Reid should be able to iron out some Smith’s warts in the preseason and turn him into a winning quarterback in Kansas City.


Why the Chiefs should pick him:

He’s the consensus best quarterback in the draft and the Chiefs badly need a quarterback. His issues are all correctable and the Chiefs have a coaching staff capable of correcting them quickly.

Why the Chiefs should pass on him:

Smith is not the top-rated player in this year’s draft and the Chiefs will probably have to use the No. 1 overall pick to draft him. If the difference between Smith and a quarterback the Chiefs like in the second round is negligible, the team might be better served by drafting another player at No. 1 overall or trying to trade down.


Matt Barkley

No one knows what to think about Matt Barkley. There is surprisingly little buzz considering Barkley played quarterback at USC. Perhaps the recent failures of USC quarterbacks have people worried that Barkley will fail as well. The last USC quarterback to even become a solid starter was Carson Palmer.

Barkley could be drafted in the first, but it’s not hard to envision him falling to the second round. It’s extremely difficult to figure out where Barkley will land and what team might be a fit for him. He’s a quarterback that doesn’t often throw the ball deep which actually has been a component to Reid’s offenses in Philadelphia.

Barkley is well-versed in throwing screens and short passes that Reid uses in place of the running game. If Barkley puts on a show at his pro day or the combine by demonstrating an accurate deep arm, you can’t rule him out as a possible fit in Kansas City.


Why the Chiefs should pick him:

He’s an experienced starter at the college level. Demonstrated ability to read defense and execute screens and other short passes.

Why the Chiefs should pass on him:

There will be better value and upside in many of the other quarterbacks. Hasn’t demonstrated that he can throw deep consistently.


Tyler Wilson

The one thing you have to like about Tyler Wilson is the competition he faced in the SEC. Wilson didn’t have much a supporting cast at Arkansas and he still produced even though he had a down year in 2012. The other thing about Wilson is that he’s mobile in the pocket and will throw the ball in the face of pressure.

Wilson is well-built and has plenty of arm strength to make NFL throws, but he’s had trouble with his deep accuracy. When accurate, Wilson throws a very catchable ball with a good trajectory and a tight spiral.

Wilson is good at executing the short passes that are a staple of Reid’s offense and he’s made enough deep throws to make him a threat. Wilson seems to fit the Chiefs better than the other top quarterbacks.

There’s a lot to like about Wilson and it’s not hard to imagine him being the No. 1 quarterback on some draft boards. If the Chiefs fall in love with Wilson, they will likely have to use the No. 1 overall pick to draft him.


Why the Chiefs should pick him:

Wilson has the traits of a franchise quarterback and he’s mobile. Wilson is poised in the pocket and can make all the NFL throws.

Why the Chiefs should pass on him:

The Chiefs will likely have to use the No. 1 overall pick to select Wilson and his struggles with deep accuracy are concerning. Accuracy is often considered something that is hard to correct and Wilson’s footwork doesn’t appear to be the issue.


Zac Dysert

Smith, Barkley and Wilson are the only quarterbacks that the Chiefs should seriously consider drafting No. 1 overall. There will be varying opinions about whether any of them deserve to be drafted No. 1 overall, but that’s a different issue and varies from scout to scout.

Dysert is a quarterback the Chiefs could consider drafting with their second-round pick. Dysert has a good arm, but his overall accuracy is questionable. Dysert also doesn’t have a great feel for the pocket and will take unnecessary sacks.

Despite some warts, he always seems to give his teammates a chance to make a play. Dysert is not a guy who is going to look great against air, but put him against a defense and he’s going to find open receivers. Dysert is not afraid to throw into traffic, which could make him prone to interceptions at the NFL level.


Why the Chiefs should pick him:

Dysert could provide great value if he falls to the second round of the draft. Dysert has a lot of tools and in the right situation could blossom into a nice quarterback in the NFL if given a little time.

Why the Chiefs should pass on him:

Dysert is quarterback that will need to be managed early in his career and could benefit from not having to start immediately. The Chiefs need an immediate starter unless they acquire a veteran quarterback before the draft.


Ryan Nassib

Ryan Nassib is one of the more intriguing quarterback prospects in the draft. He played for Doug Marrone at Syracuse, who is not the head coach of the Buffalo Bills.   

Nassib has a nice arm and solid accuracy on short and intermediate throws. Nassib is also poised in the pocket and he anticipates receivers getting open. Nassib is probably going to impress in interviews having played for Marrone and some team is going to really like him.

The biggest question about Nassib is his deep accuracy, but you could probably say the same thing about most of the quarterbacks in this class. For a team like the Chiefs, Nassib could be an immediate starter that the team will probably not have to use the No.1 overall pick to draft him.

Nassib would certainly fit what the Chiefs will try to do on offense. The problem with Nassib is that he might not be available in the second round and the Chiefs might have to move up if they are convinced he’s the guy. Some people have suggested that the Chiefs could even draft him No. 1 overall, which actually isn’t as crazy as it sounds if a team falls in love with him.


Why the Chiefs should pick him:

Nassib can come in and execute Reid’s offense immediately and the Chiefs shouldn’t have to use the No.1 overall pick to draft him. Nassib is one of the few second-tier quarterbacks that could produce right away in a West Coast Offense.

Why the Chiefs should pass on him:

It’s possible that the No.1 overall pick would be needed to draft Nassib, which just seems like too much unless the team thinks he’s the best player in the draft. It seems hard to believe that Nassib would be worth the top pick, but it remains a possibility. The Chiefs could like him and not think he’s worth taking so highly.


Mike Glennon

Mike Glennon is an interesting prospect because he looks great at times and not so great at other times. Glennon will throw a perfect pass and follow it up with a terrible one. Glennon also throws a high-arcing deep ball, although his accuracy is generally good with it.

Glennon is also a statue, but he stands tall in the face of pressure and knows how to beat the blitz. Glennon also ran a lot of pro-style plays in college which will make it easier for him to transition to the NFL than some of the other quarterbacks.

If a team is willing to overlook his weaknesses, he’s has the potential to turn into a nice pro. Glennon has the same height as Nick Foles, who became the starter for the Eagles in 2012 and was drafted in the third round last year. It’s not hard to imagine the Chiefs liking what they see in Glennon and he could be an option in the second round if he’s available.


Why the Chiefs should pick him:

Of all the quarterbacks that will be available to the Chiefs in the first couple of rounds, Glennon might provide the best bang for the buck as a pro. The Chiefs will not have to spend the No. 1 overall pick on Glennon and can use that as a resource to acquire more picks or get better in another area.

Why the Chiefs should pass on him:

Glennon’s lack of mobility and consistency make him a risky pick. If Glennon can’t get more consistent throwing the ball or if the Chiefs can’t protect him then he may never develop. A lot will depend on if the Chiefs think Glennon’s issues are correctable and if they are comfortable with a pocket passer when so many other teams are looking for mobility.