Harbaugh Parents Don't Love Jim More Than John, According to Adorable Interview

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 24, 2013

Photo Credit: USA Today
Photo Credit: USA TodayRob Carr/Getty Images

We can go ahead and leave the Harbaugh parents alone after a Super Bowl teleconference which featured John pulling a prank on his dear parents. 

Now, I hope you have properly prepared for a Super Bowl pre-party that will feature incessant references to the Brothers Harbaugh, who will be battling one another in the big game. 

As if you hadn't already assumed, the parents are not picking sides. 

USA Today transcribed the best portion of a national teleconference held by the NFL on Thursdayone that brought nearly the entire Harbaugh bunch together, including parents Jack and Jackie Harbaugh

First, a caller asks a question that seems to draw the ire of mom. 

"Question from Baltimore: Is it true that both of you like Jim Better than John?" the caller asked in a serious tone.

Jackie Harbaugh immediately began to speak: "We do not ... "

But fortunately for the parents, their daughter, Joani, younger sister to the brothers, also was on the call. She recognized John's voice.

"Is that John?'' interrupted Joani, wife of Indiana University basketball Coach Tom Crean.

From there, there seems to be a great deal of laughter and relief that this wasn't some random fan hoping to roll Harbaugh's mom into a confession of picking sides. 

Both parents, who live in Milwaukee and are in their 70's, were relieved that it was John on the phone. Even father, Jack, exclaimed that the phone was about to be destroyed, "Hey, John, mom was ready to come right through this phone. I'm so happy that Joani recognized your voice."

John complimented the fighting spirit, to which his dad replied, "Hey, John, she grabbed my arm and she was reaching for the phone."


I may now have to watch the Super Bowl while eating apple pie and humming the tune to The Andy Griffith Show, because this slice of Americana is downright delicious. 

Really, the best part of the interview has to be the parenting that still takes place, regardless of how accomplished, famous or even how old their sons are. 

The two will obviously be faced with an outcome that will have one of their sons enjoying the sweetest of victories, while the other suffers the most emotional of losses. 

The good news is they already had a dry run when the Ravens and 49ers played in a 2011 Thanksgiving night game, one that saw John's Ravens beat Jim's Niners. 

Jack Harbaugh relays what went down that night and gives some insight as to where they will be after the Super Bowl. 

I do recall coming down to the locker room, and I peeked into the Raven locker room ... ecstatic, guys jumping up and down and the smile on John's face and the thrill of victory. ... And I thought to myself, 'This looks like it's really pretty well taken care of itself.'

"(I) walked across the hall and went into the 49er locker room ... quiet and somber and (I was) looking into some offices, and finally I saw Jim all by himself, no one around him. ... And I realized that's where we were needed. ... We know we're going to experience that next week.

After the Super Bowl, either Jim or John Harbaugh will be enjoying a champagne shower that will wash away every last bit of perspiration built up over an exhausting season. 

In the other locker room, one brother will be trying to put things into perspective, piecing together exactly what went wrong. 

They will no doubt be comforted by two amazing parents who raised a remarkable family. 

Super Baugh indeed.

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