Miami Mocked Duke with Floor Slap Because Warren Sapp Demanded It

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 24, 2013

Many saw the Miami Hurricanes slap the BankUnited Center floor on their way to a rout of the Duke Blue Devils, but you may not know it was all thanks to Warren Sapp

Miami welcomed Duke to their court only to run them off the floor on Wednesday, beating them handily 90-63. 

Normally, beating the No. 1 team in the nation on your home court is enough of a prize, but the Sun-Sentinel reports there was added incentive to mock Duke during the shellacking. 

UM sophomore guard Shane Larkin was shooting free throws immediately before the slapping. "I just heard somebody scream my name," he said. "It was Warren Sapp. He was like like 'slap the floor on D."

It worked, too. "I think we got the stop," he said with a smile.

Sapp was indeed in the house watching Miami get that stop and many more in a game that saw the Blue Devils shoot 29.7-percent from the floor. 

As Lost Letterman reminds us, the slapping of the floor was made famous by former Duke player and current assistant coach, Steve Wojciechowski. 

Yup, not only did they use the famed floor slap to mock Duke, they did it with the man who started it all in the building watching it all unfold. 

To be fair, let's go ahead and assume the Miami players weren't thinking this would be a slight to Duke, but were merely psyching themselves up to continue their defensive measures. 

It's easy to get amped when you have the best team in the land down 72-44, as they were at the time. I am pretty sure they would have done push ups if Sapp told them to. 

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