Manchester United Transfer News: Wilfried Zaha Is Not a Good Fit for Red Devils

Mike ShiekmanFeatured ColumnistJanuary 25, 2013

Christopher Lee/Getty Images
Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Manchester United will get an infusion of youth if they sign Wilfried Zaha, but they have enough young guns to fill out their roster.

According to Ben Smith of BBC all that stands in the way of Zaha and a United kit is medical clearance. Zaha and Sir Alex Ferguson have been in the tabloids for months now, and the saga seems to be ending to the tune of a £15 million-pound deal with incentives.

Zaha will be on loan to Crystal Palace until the summer, and then he’ll begin a five-and-half-year deal in which Man U will pay £10 million up front.

While Ferguson may be getting a 20-year-old playmaker who oozes potential, there’s a high probability Zaha won’t see the field enough to harness it. Between Danny Welbeck, Javier Hernandez, Wayne Rooney and Ashley Young, United has four forwards aged 27 and under, with a couple more to boot.

Let’s not forget Robin van Persie is only 29—a relatively young age for the Premier League’s-leading goalscorer. If Zaha is going to take the field anytime soon as a striker, he’ll have to be the next van Persie.

Not to mention the Red Devils would be better served spending their riches on the defensive end.  They’ve already given up 30 goals this season, and a defensive addition would leave an imprint on this season and the next more so than Zaha.

The Red Devils have embraced this practice of hoarding a bunch of young talent and playing the"crème who rises to the top."

Meanwhile, many Manchester United wings and forwards get lost in the shuffle when they head to Old Trafford.

In the end, Man U has £40 million pounds spent between four players, and luckily one reaches the levels of a van Persie or Rooney. And that’s being extremely fortunate. 

Not the smartest financial practice.

Is that what Ferguson wants to spend his money on, with Manchester City only five points behind?

Man U would be better served with an experienced player who can come in as a sub on the wing or defense. A look to the future could just be a £10 million-pound sunk cost.


Mike Shiekman is a Breaking News Writer for Bleacher Report.