Sports Figures Who Enjoy Their Jobs Way Too Much

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJanuary 24, 2013

Sports Figures Who Enjoy Their Jobs Way Too Much

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    We hit the snooze button. We put the pillow over our heads. We promise ourselves hot coffee and quietly repeat the mantra, “Today will be a good day."

    Not all of us can leap out of bed every morning and go to work like we’re coming off the bench at a playoff game. You can’t brew up a venti’s worth of excitement for your job every single day, and sometimes you're lucky to drip enough enthusiasm to fill a tall.

    But some people seem to enjoy their given profession so much that, no matter the day, they’re always giving it 100 percent and pulling out all the stops while getting the job done.

    The following is a group of those individuals—the figures from the world of sports that seem to delight in their professions and have an unfair amount of fun while on the clock.

Ron Cherry

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    There is no tomfoolery or bull honky allowed when ACC referee Ron Cherry calls the game.

    If you’re giving anyone any “business,” nonsense or even malarkey, he’s going to see it. And he’ll have a heck of a time announcing your phooey to the whole stadium.

Mark Cuban

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    Sleeps with trophies. Pranks the crowd. Spends $90K on celebratory champagne.

    Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban mixes business with pleasure to the point where even he can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.

Joey Crawford

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    “Fists out, hip pump, that’s the way we call a block!”

    NBA referee Joey Crawford gets a little overexcited when he knows he’s making a big call. It’s like he forgets he’s in a packed stadium, just letting go and running wild with it.

    I like to think he has a whimsical placard by the door he hits on his way to work every day that reads, “Ref Like Nobody is Watching.”

This Security Guard

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    Not in his house.

    A security guard at Sleep Train Arena put on a clinic in man defense on January 4th, as he blocked Dallas Maverick forward Dirk Nowitzki from moving toward the instant replay screen.

    Both looked as though they were having fun with the situation and it’s good to see event security taking a joke with grace.

The Prancing Referee

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    Brazilian soccer referee Jorge Jose Emiliano dos Santos has a special set of skills, and he will find you. And he will card you like he’s playing out a scene in a Broadway musical.

    He’ll also have the time of his life doing so, by the looks of it.

Dick Vitale

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    BAM! Dickie V in a sombrero!

    It seems like sportscaster Dick Vitale has been pumping out the quotables and losing his ever-loving mind calling games since the first televisions cropped up in our homes.

    And even at the ripe old age of 73, his enthusiasm and love for college basketball remains unmatched.

Robert Sacre

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    “He’s doing the gun thing too much!”

    “It’s all he’s got!”

    Guns blazin’ and kung fu fightin' like there’s no tomorrow is how former Los Angeles Lakers center Robert Sacre played his “game.”

    And it doesn’t matter if said game was played from the sidelines, because he was having a ball.

Gus Johnson

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    His enthusiasm spills out from the television and lights up homes across the nation.

    FOX’s Gus Johnson is one of the most entertaining commentators in the world of sports, calling each game like it's his last and with the energy of a first-timer.

Skip Bayless

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    You can’t turn him off. You can’t reason with him.

    Skip Bayless is one of the most unconventional and outspoken analysts on ESPN’s payroll and his sparring on First Take with co-host Stephen A. Smith usually results in some of the most idealistic and ridiculous comments ever made by a sports professional.

    Bayless loves picking favorites and experiences no greater joy in life than getting under the skin of his guests and fellow analysts.

Ray Lewis

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    The dance. The speeches. The running commentary.

    Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis treats every game of football like he’s going off to war—a war we all might not survive.

    He can be over-the-top sometimes, but ultimately you have to respect Lewis’ passion. He’s genuinely insane for the game.

Kenny Mayne

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    ESPN’s Kenny Mayne loves his Jim Zorn with a righteous fire.

    Mayne also loves clowning around with some of the biggest names in sports. Any man who gets paid to “investigate” the secret training regimen of Brett Favre and follow Marshawn Lynch to Applebee’s is having too much fun with his work.

Lee Corso

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    “Forget all this analysis stuff!"

    The fact that he can joyfully throw on a different moldering mascot hat every week during the fall is arguably why Lee Corso loves his job more than anyone else in sports.

Chris Duhon

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    The Lakers’ Chris Duhon gets fully involved in the game and shows some interesting team spirit when he’s feeling frisky.

    And in a playoff game against the Pacers last season, Duhon (then playing for the Orlando Magic) turned out a mean “travel dance” for basketball fans across the nation.

    It was a moment of spontaneous joy so priceless that ESPN had him come into the studio to do it again on-air.

Steve Buccigross

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    When he’s not hanging out with gorillas or pissing off Coach Cal, ESPN’s John Buccigross is doing his very best to keep SportsCenter interesting.

    All the morning anchors on ESPN’s flagship program try to throw in a little personality for the viewers' sake, but Buccigross seems to be the only one goofing off in order to keep himself entertained.

Adrian Peterson

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    There’s a reason they call him “All Day.”

    He’s not the most vocal of football players, but Vikings running back Adrian Peterson comes to work and attacks every single carry like he’s going to score or die trying.

Andres Cantor

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    Spanish-speaking soccer fans around the world are familiar with the zealous candor of sportscaster Andres Cantor and his famous “GOAL” call is clear evidence for the rest of us that this man has nothing but passion for soccer.

Terry Bradshaw

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    Whether he’s doing analysis for FOX Sports or shooting a Nutrisystem commercial, former Steelers great Terry Bradshaw is fired up and orating like he’s waving rattlesnakes around at a church revival.