UNC All The Way!!!

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UNC All The Way!!!

        Everybody Says UNC will defeat Villanova no problem.  I agree.  But what people are concerned about is Thabeet and U- Conn. 

        If UNC has Ty Lawson shooting 65% from the 3-point line and Tyler Hansbruogh on fire, U- Conn has no chance.  U- Conn has a strong D and is very difficult to drive in on which concerns me about Tyler.  That is the only thing they have.  Even if Thabeet shuts down Tyler Hansbrough, You always have Ty Lawson, Danny Green, and Wayne Ellington from the 3.

        Donn't listen to those people who say UNC won't Win because of how they played during the tourney.  They just got back Ty Lawson.  The #1 point guard in the NCAA.  He is what pulls the team together and he's the playmaker. 

        I have confident in them and I know they're going to win it all.

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