Manchester United: 4 Reasons Red Devils Won't Do Much in January Transfer Window

Jake NisseFeatured ColumnistJanuary 25, 2013

Manchester United: 4 Reasons Red Devils Won't Do Much in January Transfer Window

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    Although they are a dream destination for most pro footballers, it seems that Manchester United will have little participation buying players in the January transfer window.

    As they have always been known to be smart spenders, there is no need for United to make a major coup with their current situation. 

    Let's see why.

Confidence and Depth in the Squad

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    As the old adage goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." 

    And sitting atop the EPL, there is very little United need to fix.

    With the most goals scored throughout the entire league, 57, United's offensive and midfield play have been extremely potent. Sure, their defense has been inconsistent, but there is nothing they could've done to prevent its injuries, and very few options better what they have right now—unless, of course, they are prepared to lay out some major money.

    However, this would be a very questionable decision, considering their immense success thus far.

    While some teams might be doomed after losing a couple of their best players to injury, United's subs and even reserves are good enough to start on many other teams, and are ready to show their talent when their numbers are called.

    United's current lineup is giving management no reason to make any changes, and should there be any injuries, they can easily find ample replacements right from their own sideline.

Lack of Quality Players Available

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    While United don't need to improve their squad, they would surely give it more consideration if a truly world-class player requested a move away from his club.

    Although The Daily Mirror reported that United could land Ronaldo in exchange for David de Gea and Nani, he and other superstars haven't really made themselves available, at least not formally.

    United are never that active in the January transfer window, but it will certainly make them less active with very few quality players available.

High Cost of Players

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    If United were in fact interested in the few quality players available in the transfer market, they'd have to pay some rather steep fees. 

    After paying £15 million for Wilfried Zaha, a somewhat unproven commodity (per the Daily Mail), it is unlikely that United will be taking anymore big chances this transfer window.

    Among the names thrown around into the Reds' transfer mix was PSV Eindhoven's Kevin Strootman, per The Sun, and the £38 million-rated James Rodriguez, a player who United seemed to be planning a move for, according to The Metro.

    With talk for a Rodriguez or Strootman move dying down recently, and the Zaha deal being completed, don't expect United to be in the transfer news headlines any time soon.

Team Chemistry

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    My qualms about United actually making a big move in the January transfer window ultimately come back to the fact that there is no one they really need right now, as they have very few things they need to fix.

    One aspect of their team that a big transfer move would affect is the squad's chemistry, which is extremely strong at the moment. Aside from being a collection of some of the world's best players, United's current squad seems to genuinely enjoy playing with each other, given the team's success in recent years.

    As proven by the struggles of Queens Park Rangers, talent alone is not enough to make a team successful. And by adding lots of new talent in the transfer window, United could potentially make players feel unwanted, causing a split in the locker room— ultimately messing with the unity of this ever-successful group.

    With those potential effects, coupled with the high price of quality players, and the team's success thus far, the Reds are unlikely to make anymore big moves this winter.