Tiny 17-Month-Old Toddler Shows off Tremendous Golf Game

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The next big thing in sports is a tiny toddler with a tremendous golf swing. 

At 17 months, this little guy already trumps my own golf swing, which has been known to lose boxes of balls in a mere trip to the golf course. 

A tip of the hat to Hot Clicks for spotting an athlete who we assume will be on tour in the next couple of years. 

Unfortunately, there isn't a great deal of information about the little phenom—as if you need to know more than the fact that this kid is absolutely crazy in love with golf at the moment. 

If that wasn't obvious to you, the YouTube description does offer, "He's been obsessed with golf before he could walk."

As for the video, it's pretty straightforward. One kid is left to straight demolish some toy golf balls as his family roots him on with praises of, "Peanut."

I only wish I had the kind of love for anything that this kid currently has for whacking golf balls around his house, because he lights up the moment he sees one. 

The poor kid knocks himself in the head at the 3:00 mark but keeps on hitting balls, bombing them down the carpet like Bubba Watson. 

Then at the 3:50 mark he pretty much Happy Gilmores himself to the ground. Undeterred, he gets up in search of more things to whack. 

Please, nobody tell this kid he is doing drills, practice or any other awful words that would make this game seem like work. 

I hope golf stays fun for him for years, because he is already damn good at it. 

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