Watch Mark Jackson Fan Flames of Western Conference All-Star Reserves Debate

Will LeivenbergFeatured ColumnistJanuary 23, 2013

The Golden State Warriors' meteoric rise from mediocrity to a formidable presence in the Western Conference are rooted in the performances of David Lee and Steph Curry.

Lee has been a double-double machine and the blueprint of consistency for the Warriors. He's been coming off screens and hitting his shots at the wing, and just as easily playing his patented back-to-the-basket game. He's currently averaging right around 19 and 10 and has deservedly been a nonstop part of the All-Star conversation.

Curry has been the beacon of light for this squad, shooting with impeccable consistency from behind the arc this season, averaging well over 40 percent from the three.

In addition to his strong offensive presence, Curry has become an adept passer, constantly finding Klay Thompson for the three or a cutting Carl Landry on the baseline. He's made huge improvements as a point guard and is among the best in the game today.

The Warriors ascent has undeniably been a team effort, but Lee and Curry have been at the helm. We caught up with Coach Mark Jackson, who shed some light on his personal opinion regarding the importance of seeing his two Warrior stars represented in Houston at the All-Star Game.