Super Bowl 2013: Most Interesting Prop Bets for 49ers vs. Ravens

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Super Bowl 2013: Most Interesting Prop Bets for 49ers vs. Ravens
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The Super Bowl is the most exciting time of the year for gamblers that like to dabble in exotic and prop bets.

There are so many different types of scenarios and outcomes to wager on when the Ravens and 49ers face off that you would go likely broke trying to get a piece of each one.

This is why we are here to help, so let’s take a look at some of the more intriguing props on the board, courtesy of

Check back to B/R in the days leading up to the Super Bowl for even more prop bet action, as the books continue to release more up until the February 3 kickoff.


Coin Flip

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Heads -105

Tails -105

This is the best prop to get your feet wet in the nature of these types of bets. It’s as simple as making a 50/50 call, with the only negative being you have to risk 1.05 units to win 1, something known as the “vigorish.”

The bookmakers use the “vig” to line their pockets and help pay off the other side of the bet if there was an uneven amount of action.

If you’re looking to try out props during the Super Bowl but aren’t sure where to start, bet heads or tails and hope for the best.

First Score of the Game

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Touchdown -150

Field Goal or Safety +120

This one requires a bit of football knowledge, but not much.

Throwing the safety out the window (it’s too uncommon and extremely hard to accomplish), it’s obvious that it is much easier in most situations to score a field goal than a touchdown.

Add in the pressure of a Lombardi Trophy on the line and you can imagine an offensive drive easily stalling before reaching pay dirt. For that reason, we like FG or safety and recommend you place a wager down on that over the bad odds for a touchdown.

Team to Score Last Wins?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Yes -190

No +155

Because the Ravens and 49ers are so evenly matched, we’re taking “Yes” in this prop scenario—even if we do have to lay down almost two units to win one.

We truly believe that this will be a back and forth affair that will come down to the last possession or two, and the team that manages to punch in a TD or boot a field goal will claim the title.

While the odds aren’t going to pay out great, you can almost be assured you’ll cash a ticket if you take yes here.

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