Jarrell Eppard keeps prooving to be the next NBA star

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Jarrell Eppard keeps prooving to be the next NBA star
Player or team names will not be given in this article. On April 1,2009 Jarrell Eppard prooved again he is no joke. Jarrell and his team (Red) faced off against the number 1 team (white) in the state. The red team basically dominated the whole game.They won by a final score of 88-54. They were led by their superstar the whole way, Jarrell Eppard. Eppard led the team in almost every catagory. He finished with 43 points 24 rebounds 13 assists 11 steals and 8 blocks. While #34 gave him a hand by adding on 11 points and 16 rebounds. For the white team they were lead by #22 who finished with 13 points and 8 rebounds. The red team knew that if they were going to win they would have to contain #22's outside shooting and consistently pressure the ball. And they executed their game plan perfectly. The game started out neck and neck and stayed that way until about 2 and a half minutes were left in the second quarter.Then the red team went on a 16-2 scoring run, Jarrell Eppard led the way with 14 of the 16 points and he also had 7 rebounds during the run. That made the score Red 46 White 32. The score at the end of the half was Red 52 White 36. Jarrell Eppard led the red team with 21 points 13 rebounds 6 steals and 4 assists. While #22 led the white team with 10 points and 6 rebounds. Then the white team started the 2cd half on a 6-2 scoring run. Then Eppard took away the hype when he stole a pass and drove down the court and dunked it. But the red team could hardly miss a shot over the next minute and a half. Putting the score at 72-44. The white team started off the 4th quarter strong. They went on a 10-0 scoring run. But the red team had a stingy defense for the rest of the quarter by giving up 0 points for the rest of the game. Then Eppard put up 12 points 5 rebounds and 2 assists to finish off the red team's huge win. The red team's final game is on April 2,2009 in the championship game against the number 2 team in the state.

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