Dana White Keeps It Real With Tirade On Female Journalist

D WizzleSenior Analyst IApril 2, 2009

LONDON - JANUARY 17:  (UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) UFC president Dana White attends the 'Octagon' private view at Hamilton's Gallery January 17, 2007 in London, England.  The exhibition showcases work by photographer Kevin Lynch documenting the world of Ultimate Fighter Championship (UFC) events.  (Photo by Claire Greenway/Getty Images)

UFC President Dana White lashed out against MMA journalist, Loretta Hunt, in a Youtube video yesterday. 

He bashed her articles and interviews and called her a bitch and a moron while using the "F" word multiple times. He also called one of her sources a "faggot" and a "pussy."

Now the Internet is buzzing about White's tirade and calling him to make an apology to Hunt, and also to the gay community.

While I do feel what White did was absolutely inappropriate and unprofessional, it is what I expect from the UFC President. 

He is known for always cussing and using foul language in normal everyday conversation.

I actually found White's tirade very entertaining and refreshing. It is about time someone is not afraid to lash out at the media and give their honest opinion.

I am tired of people being so politically correct all the time. You won't ever see the NBA commissioner David Stern, or the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, bash the media like White did in his video.

Stern and Goodell are boring interviews because they try to avoid controversy and are politically correct at all times. You never ever get any good quotes out of them.

White goes against the grain and his quotes can be controversial, and you never know what you will get when you listen to him.

This keeps everyone on their toes and makes things interesting.

You might not agree with White's tirade, but you can't fault him for being passionate with his views and opinions.

There is considerable backlash against White now and he reportedly will make an apology to the gay community in a new Youtube video soon.

I hope this won't stop him from being himself and keeping it real.

His verbal tirade on Hunt was controversial and over the top.

If White offers an apology to Hunt, we will all know he doesn't mean it. White hates her guts.

Hunt is a journalist for Sherdog.com, one of the top MMA sites on the Internet. She has her fans and her critics.

I don't think Hunt cares about White's rant on her and it probably will help her more than hinder her, since most casual sports fans had never heard of her before yesterday.

This publicity might even help out her career as it gets her name out there to the masses.

Who knows what White will do now? 

He might not let any of his fighters be interviewed by Hunt ever again.

The UFC's slogan is "As Real As It Gets," and White was true to his company's slogan when he bashed Hunt.

I don't agree with White and his antics all the time, but he is what he is, and I appreciate his honesty and candor.