Tim Brown Hits Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL with a Bucket of Muck

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IJanuary 23, 2013

Tim Brown needs to hear from Roger Goodell. (Bleacher Report photo)
Tim Brown needs to hear from Roger Goodell. (Bleacher Report photo)

Tim Brown probably doesn't realize what he's done, now that he's opened his mouth and hit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the National Football League and former Raiders coach Bill Callahan with a big, stinky bucket of muck.

By now you're probably aware of Brown's rambling accusations.

He's gone on the record accusing Callahan of basically sabotaging the Super Bowl back in January of 2003, when the Buccaneers beat the living bejeebers out of Al Davis' Raiders.

Callahan is not happy about it and fired back late Tuesday. He's demanding an immediate retraction by Brown.

If Brown is going to stand by his tale, it's time for Roger Goodell to do what any commissioner worth his salt would do and launch an immediate investigation into Brown's claims.

It's ironic that Brown played for the Buccaneers, if you want to call it that. He was the king of the fair catch when called upon to return punts. Even more ironic is that he joined the Bucs in 2004, the season after he claims Callahan did everything possible to make sure the Bucs won that 2003 Super Bowl.

"Never said a word about it," is what former Buccaneer great Derrick Brooks told listeners Tuesday on 620 WDAE radio. Brooks laughed at Brown's claims, and perhaps that's the best reaction.

When you think about it, this is truly laughable. Pitiful, in fact.

What Brown has done is basically throw mud on the shield, the shield being the NFL logo. "Protect The Shield" is the primary mission of Goodell, who has yet to speak on this subject.

Plenty of Brown's teammates have, however.

Quarterback Rich Gannon, lineman Lincoln Kennedy and linebacker Bill Romanowski have shot down Brown's beliefs.

On the other side of the debate, Jerry Rice has sided with Brown. That being the case, a big red flag should be waving in front of Goodell.

"The Shield" is at risk. If these accusations have any merit, then this might be the biggest sports scandal since Shoeless Joe Jackson and his Chicago Black Sox threw the World Series, according to this article.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a serious accusation and shouldn't be taken lightly in New York.

In Tampa, Brown has become a joke.

"It's offensive just to hear that. It's bull crap," Tampa Bay Times columnist Gary Shelton told his listeners Tuesday on 98.7 FM The Fan. Shelton covered the Bucs and the Super Bowl that season and was amazed at Brown's accusation.

Really, think about this for a minute.

Callahan gave up a chance to win football's biggest prize because he was such good friends with Jon Gruden and basically hated the Raiders?

He changed the entire game plan at the last minute?

Consider this: Do you really think that the late Al Davis, one of the most meddling owners of all time, wouldn't have caught wind of that?

The fact remains that the Buccaneers led 20-3 at the half, and the Raiders weren't going anywhere but down in that game.

The one thing Callahan did fail to do was change the audible calls for his offense. The team used the same audible calls Gruden used when he was with the Raiders.

That made it easy for the Bucs to know what was coming.

If Callahan were into sabotage, well, what happened to the Oakland defense? In that 48-21 Buccaneer victory, Tampa Bay's offense scored 27 points, enough to win without the defensive contributions.

Brown has already been called "idiotic" by JoeBucsFan.com, and maybe that's the best way to describe what Brown has done.

The next thing that needs to happen is that Brown needs to hear from two people:  Goodell and Callahan's attorney.

And the Hall of Fame voters need to pass on Brown.

That's the one thing that would make sense in this entire mess. 


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