5 Ways the WWE Can Better Use Attitude Era Superstars

T.J. BrennanCorrespondent IIJanuary 23, 2013

5 Ways the WWE Can Better Use Attitude Era Superstars

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    It’s that time of year again, the time where the WWE brings back old stars and familiar faces from throughout the years to build up a bigger buzz for WrestleMania

    This year, perhaps the most popular WWE Superstar of the company’s most popular era, The Rock, has a chance to win the WWE Championship from CM Punk at the Royal Rumble.

    Bringing back stars from the past is one of the best ways to capture the attention of fans, but something with this situation does not sit right.  It’s one thing to have The Rock come back, but to have him possibly win the title?

    Seeing old faces is one of the biggest draws of being a wrestling fan. It takes you back to a time when you were younger. But sometimes when an old face becomes a current one, the act wears thin. 

    The WWE capitalizing on the nostalgia for the “Attitude Era” is a great business decision, but there are plenty of ways the WWE can better use the former wrestlers of the era.  

Help Advance Careers of Current Superstars

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    If The Rock beats CM Punk for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, the WWE will have made a big mistake.  

    By having The Rock take the belt from CM Punk, ending his historic run as champion, the WWE is in effect saying that the other WWE Superstars on the roster are not good enough to end Punk's streak of 420-plus days. 

    On the other hand, if Punk beats The Rock, his reign becomes even better, because he would then have beaten the best of this generation and the best of the last one.  

    Having former stars of the past should have a dual purpose: attracting fans and putting over new talent.  

    CM Punk doesn't need to be put over and he obviously doesn't need a push, but this win would solidify his reign as champion in the future.  He would become the guy who stopped The Rock's momentum.  

    The Rock has nothing to lose if Punk beats him; his legacy is already set.  Punk has everything to lose if he does not retain the title.  

Anniversary Shows

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    Not seeing "Stone Cold" Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels at RAW's 20th Anniversary was a huge disappointment.  Now although this may not be the WWE's fault entirely, there still should have been more of a presence of the Attitude Era. 

    Austin really needed to be there.  

    An anniversary show is the perfect opportunity to celebrate past superstars.  It gives fans something to look forward to.  Although The Rock's concert was funny, it wasn't new.  He did the same thing last year when he was going up against Cena.  

    If the WWE looked ahead for opportunities like an anniversary show to have superstars come back, they can schedule the appearance in advance.  

    What's the point of having an anniversary show if the biggest names aren't there?

Keep Them from Facing Each Other

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    When Triple H and The Undertaker stepped inside Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania 28, the WWE labeled the match as the “End of an Era.”

    Two of the major stars of the Attitude Era stole the show and won the 2012 Slammy for Match of the Year.  It was the WWE’s way of celebrating the popularity of the era, and how much it meant to the company.  

    Undertaker remained undefeated and he and Triple H put on a great performance for the fans.  Any match that the WWE tries to book with two Attitude Era stars going against each other will fail in comparison to this match.  

    Although it may be interesting to watch, the company would be better off having only one past superstar in the ring.  

Bigger Stars for Royal Rumble Entries

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    Seeing Road Dogg at the Royal Rumble last year was fun, and the crowd loved it.  The memories of D-Generation X in the Attitude Era was a thrill.  

    But with that said, the WWE should bring back bigger stars in the future.  

    Road Dogg was instrumental in the success of D-Generation X during the Monday Night Wars, and that is what he will be remembered for, but there are bigger stars out there from the Attitude Era.  

    Imagine if Stone Cold or Shawn Michaels made a surprise entry in the Royal Rumble.  The arena would erupt, and so would the rest of the WWE Universe watching.  

    In a match that means a lot, seeing a big name from the Attitude Era enter would just be icing on the cake.

Guest Commentators

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    Why not have Attitude Era Superstars make a switch from smashing announce tables, to working one? 

    Just an idea here, but to hold onto the Attitude Era and to keep viewers at home entertained, why not ask former superstars to do commentary on a match or two, maybe even a whole show.  

    It'd be a good way to have them back, without forcing them to step in the ring to do anything physical.

    There's no doubt that anyone from the era could walk up to the microphone and just start talking. The Rock or Mick Foley would definitely be entertaining from the announce table, but the WWE couldn't make a bad choice when trying to decide.