Big Fish Small Pond: Jack Swagger

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IApril 2, 2009

ECW champion Jack Swagger is said to be at the top of his game at the moment.
Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching the guy, but I can’t help wondering how the All-American American would do if was drafted to Raw or SmackDown.

Can you really wind his career forward and say, this guy is going to be a Hall Of Famer?

We can all agree that in ECW he is holding his own, and he is doing a great job of it to some extent, but how does he measure up against lets say Randy Orton?

Most wrestling fans would say that Orton would destroy him in one match.
I happen to disagree; Orton comes from wrestling royalty and is a brilliant wrestler.
One could say that Orton was groomed to becoming champion all his young life.

Swagger although not from Wrestling Royalty is just as ambitious if not more.
Within six months of being signed with FCW Swagger worked his way to the front of the heap from dark matches to spotlight.

On Feb. 15 just a mere six months since he was signed he defeated DiBiase and become the first-ever FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion.

A month after winning the title he found him self having to put the title on the line
Against FCW Southern Heavyweight Champion Heath Miller, Swagger won the match and became the undisputed FCW heavy weight champion

When signed to ECW he once again repeated the same pattern and established himself as the new ECW champion with in 5 months of being there.

I find it deplorable that Swagger will not be defending his championship at Wrestlemania 25. I really don’t care if Vince thinks that he is too green to be in a live event. He is wrong to pre-judge Swagger. Just look at his history so far.

Is Swagger destined for great things in the future? I think so. In my opinion, Swagger is wasting away in ECW, the 6’6" champion could handle himself confidently and well if tossed into a larger pond.

It may just be the challenge he needs to make history and start his journey to becoming a future Hall of Famer.