Chris 'Birdman' Andersen and Mike Miller Bring the Heat with 'Ice Ice Baby'

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If you have a problem, they'll solve it, most likely with awkward rapping and obvious reading from the teleprompter. 

Deadspin spotted yet another wonderful moment from the 2013 Battioke, an event that brings Heat stars and karaoke together for laughs, as well as helping Shane Battier's Take Charge Foundation, an organization "dedicated to providing resources for the development and education of undeserved youth and teens."

Oh, I bet you didn't know "Ice Ice Baby" can work as a duet. Well, it can't, but these two certainly try to cram some goodwill into a couple minutes of 90's nostalgia. 

Recently, we brought you video of LeBron James singing some Michael Jackson and then joining up with Dwyane Wade for some Shai

Consider this the warm-up act. 

This duo is far less successful, if only for the rapping over one another and the semi-awkward way Miller dominates the stage while having a hand in his pocket (2:21 mark). 

Maybe I am just being a curmudgeon because I have always been something of a "Ninja Rap" kind of guy. 

Don't get me wrong, this rendition of Vanilla Ice is entertaining, but I would have lost it if Mike Miller strolled to the front of the stage at that start and offered, "go ninja, go ninja, go."

Maybe next year. 

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