Jay Cutler Traded to the Bears For Two 1st Rounders, 3rd Rounder, and Kyle Orton

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIApril 2, 2009

Jay Cutler is no longer a member of the Denver Broncos. Earlier today, the Chicago Bears pulled out all stops to acquirer the Pro Bowl quarterback.

In return for Cutler, the Denver Broncos will recieve the Bears 2009 first round pick, their 2009 third round pick, their 2010 first round pick, and quarterback Kyle Orton.

Certainly, the Denver Broncos were well compensated for the loss of their star quarterback.

The story of the Jay Cutler tragedy is nothing new.

After Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels entertained trade offers that would have shipped out  Cutler and landed Matt Cassel, Cutler feared for his job security.

Such a tactic was enough to warrant Cutler's lack of trust and his relationship with the team has never been the same since. Cutler still feared for his job security and was concerned that McDaniels would continue to shop him around.

After it reached a certain point, Cutler allegedly requested a trade. Later reports seemed to indicate that he didn't want to leave Denver. All of this speculation has been running rampant over the past few weeks.

In my view, the way McDaniels handled the situation was very unprofessional and the criticism that Cutler has received after what the Broncos tried to do to him has damaged his reputation.

Although I feel that he had just cause to be upset, many people haven't seen it that way.

Regardless of which side of the fence you might be on, the one thing certain now is that Cutler is gone.

The Broncos have lost their franchise quarterback but have received a great deal in return. It will be difficult to see what direction the team might go in the wake of Cutler's departure.

They are already paying quarterback Chris Simms a healthy price for what was once thought to be nothing more than what would be backup services. Now Kyle Orton has been thrown into the mix.

It is hard to say whether or not the Broncos will let Orton and Simms compete for the starting position, or if they'll attempt to draft another franchise quarterback.

Meanwhile, the fact that the Detroit Lions failed to aquire Cutler's services makes it more likely that they will select quarterback Matthew Stafford with the first overall selection in this year's draft.

The Jay Cutler saga might have very well ended in chaos, but at least all of the teams involved in the matter might now have a clearer direction in terms of where they are going from this point forward.