WWE Hall of Fame: Backlund and Other Major Stars Long Overdue for Selection

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJanuary 23, 2013


This article is written because of what should have already happened and because the company was so quick to put Edge in the Hall of Fame last year.

With the announcement of Mick Foley to the WWE Hall of Fame last week and the selection of Bob Backlund on Monday Night Raw, the company is doing right by placing the former WWF champion among the greats of all time. My only question is, "What took so long?"

Backlund, for those of you who are not old enough to have seen him, was one of the best technical wrestlers in the WWF for Vincent McMahon Sr. He was the last "face" champion of the WWF before being beaten by The Iron Sheik, who helped usher in the "Hukamania" era in professional wrestling. You would think someone with Backlund's pedigree, amateur background and his popularity in the business would have warranted a place in the Hall of Fame long ago. 

The dame goes for others who have not yet heard their names called for induction. If the WWE wants to honor its stars of the past, then it should look to those who helped make it the mega-billion dollar circus it was in its heyday of sports entertainment.

When it comes to honoring the past, I am a little heated about this, knowing there are plenty of stars who are more deserving for their past credentials and their past contributions who are still sitting and waiting. While Mick Foley is a tremendously popular wrestler and one who is a multiple WWE champion, are his accomplishments greater than, say, Backlund, who he is walking into the Hall in 2013? 

Is Edge, who was a controversial choice last year, better than these two performers? What about The Honky Tonk Man and Jake Roberts. What about Kamala? Koko B. Ware is in the Hall, and I cannot see what he did that made him such a superstar. He was fun, exciting and carried a bird to the ring. Was he better than Roberts? Where is the justice in this?

If Edge is thought of to be immediate HOF material, then let's put Triple H in right now and Demolition and The New Age Outlaws. 

The point I am trying to make is there is no exact science to the politics in choosing HOF inductees. But the WWE should know who comes first. And while greats of the 1980s are still bidding their time, others who shaped the company much later are getting a pass. 

Something tells me there is no justice in that at all. And we haven't even gotten into the conversation about when Randy Savage will be inducted. I will save that for another time and place.