Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears!

Gil BecerraCorrespondent IApril 2, 2009

According to ESPN.com, it's being reported that the Chicago Bears have won the battle for Jay Cutler. They've reported that the Broncos already confirmed the deal. NFL.com is also reporting this story.

Earlier today, the Broncos were looking for two first round draft picks. Washington, Tampa Bay, and Detroit were all involved in talks with Denver.

I want to see how Jason Campbell of Washington handles this, as the Redskins were openly going for Cutler. Campbell is just as young and going into the final year in his contract with them.

Tampa Bay and Detroit had bad QB situations anyway, so who cares about their feelings? This means there should be a nice demand of teams looking to go after Mark Sanchez and Matt Stafford.

Details are sure to follow as the day goes on. Great move by Da-Bears!