WWE Royal Rumble 2013: Big-Name Stars Who Won't Win the 30-Person Match

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 21, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

The anticipation is growing as the 2013 Royal Rumble is less than a week away. Picking the winner is looking to be a difficult task this year.

It's hard to look past some of the biggest stars in terms of trying to predict the man who will earn the title shot at WrestleMania XXIX.

If the WWE were smart, it would use the Royal Rumble as a launching pad for a younger superstar rather than putting an established guy back on top.

With that in mind, here's three wrestlers who shouldn't find themselves the last man standing at the end of the Royal Rumble match.



Putting Sheamus in the WrestleMania World Heavyweight Championship match would be ridiculous. He would either face Big Show or Alberto Del Rio.

Sheamus and Show just got done with a rivalry that stretched over three pay-per-views, and the combination of Del Rio and Sheamus has fought so many times at PPVs, it's hard to keep track of them all.

There needs to be some fresh faces in the title pictures.

Sheamus has been right in the thick of it for about a year now. He's always managed to put on good matches, but seeing him wrestle for the World Heavyweight Championship is getting a bit stale.


John Cena

If WWE were smart, it would not have John Cena win the Royal Rumble. The smart money will be on him to win, though, and have a rematch with The Rock at WrestleMania XXIX.

The problem is that that scenario is way too predictable. It's a bit the same as last year when everyone expected Chris Jericho to win the Royal Rumble and face off with CM Punk at WrestleMania XXVIII. Sheamus ended up winning the match, surprising many fans.

There are many more ways the company can go if it's dead set on having Cena and The Rock repeat their "Once in a Lifetime" match. The Shield could screw Cena or something, thus throwing them in the main-event picture, or Dolph Ziggler could actually gain the upper hand on Cena for once.



Ryback is a fresh face in regard to the world titles in WWE; however, he's not the guy the company should be elevating right now.

He should be in the thick of the WWE title picture after WrestleMania. When Ryback does win a world title, it should be a sustained title reign. As a monster, he needs to have the kind of run where he destroys everything in his path for a few months, like Brock Lesnar did in 2002.

Plus, this would open the door for the eventual Ryback vs. John Cena match at a SummerSlam or other tent-pole show. That would be a huge match if built right and wouldn't be possible if Ryback wins the World Heavyweight Championship.