Young Bruins Fan Completely Appalled at What He Just Found in TD Garden Food

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 21, 2013

One young Bruins fan found a little something extra in his food, and his priceless expression of pure disgust was shown on NESN's coverage for all to enjoy. 

Everyone loves a good mystery, so we take up the latest mind-numbing conundrum trying to be cracked by Deadspin, Yahoo! Sports and Barstool Sports, all of which are wondering the same thing:

What the hell is in that kid's food?

We have all been there. You bite into a sandwich, scoop into some pasta or just turn over a leaf of lettuce. It could be as vile as something that once breathed or as benign as an onion ring inside an order of french fries. 

Either way, it's a surprise you had not accounted for. 

For me, my recent trip to a place that shall not be named provided me a plastic lid inside a bowl of soup. I asked for my soup to kindly be presented with less plastic objects in it. 

As for this kid, he is clearly reviled by whatever it is he just found in whatever it is he is eating, and I empathize. 

When you sit down to eat, there is a bit of confidence that whatever is on the menu comes to you in your order, but nothing more. 

Please, someone solve the mystery of what is in that kid's food. America demands to know. 

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