Harbaugh Super Bowl Matchup Spawns 'Harbaugh Sister' Parody Song

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 21, 2013

Well, there is no getting around it, so we better prepare for a fortnight of incessant Harbaugh coverage, beginning with the sister.

Joani Harbaugh essentially the first family member to get the parody song treatment, as Ryan Parker lays down a song asking which Harbaugh brother Joani plans to root for. 

A tip of the hat to Off the Bench for spotting what is no doubt just the tip of the iceberg in this year's HarBowl coverage. As far as lyrics are concerned, you have to love some of the following. 

Did they pick on you, can your decision just come down to who,
Was more overprotective, will that help you be selective,
Purple or gold,

Was one brother mean, did either tell you when you met Tom Crean,
That he sometimes can look wacko, is it Kaepernick or Flacco,
In the Super Bowl.

That's all you need to know about a woman who Off the Bench reminds us is "six years younger than John and five years younger than Jim."

That's when you begin to see some boyfriends must have had their work cut out for them with the Brothers Harbaugh watching. 

Just take a quick glance at Jim freaking out and extrapolate that to an overprotective brother watching his sister leave on a date. 

Harbaughcalypse is coming, so prepare yourself. 

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