WWE's Newest Masked Man: Meet Recent Signee El Generico

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJanuary 22, 2013

photo from Pwponderings.com
photo from Pwponderings.com

WWE fans may not yet know the company's recent acquisition, El Generico, very well, but will soon be witness to the high-voltage fun that is the masked wrestler's in-ring style and personality.

Various media outlets, including Steven Coney of ROH World, reported that Rami Sabei, better known to wrestling fans as El Generico, recently signed with WWE.

Who knows how WWE will change El Generico's gimmick, but his tongue-in-cheek luchador routine would fit in perfectly with WWE's more lighthearted side.

At the very least, he has the approval of the Rated-R Superstar. Edge sent out a Tweet on Monday about his thoughts on El Generico joining WWE.


Talented and nice guy. Very happy for him@majingir @elgenerico

— Adam (Edge) Copeland (@EdgeRatedR) January 21, 2013


A Goof Outside the Ring

El Generico plays a Mexican luchador in spite of his red beard and middle-school level Spanish.

Sabei is actually from Montreal, but plays his outlandish gimmick with such gusto, it's hard to pick apart its implausibility. Besides, it's such a joyride to watch.

While working for Chikara, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerilla or Dragon Gate USA, El Generico inspired crowds to chant "Olé!"

Should WWE decide to keep him as El Generico and not slap on some other name and personality, fans will experience an endearing goofball who would work extremely well in segments with Santino, Zack Ryder or Yoshi Tatsu. His pretend-Mexican act is one that kids would crack up over and adults would struggle not to smile about.

His comic timing is displayed in this backstage promo with Colt Cabana.

(Note: This video is not safe for work due to some brief adult language.)

El Generico needs someone to lead in most comic segments as he's more effective comically playing off someone else. That could mean a Santino and Generico tag team or various superstars interacting with the red-headed luchador backstage. 

He won't be bringing high-level comedy, but it will be entertaining in the way that Hurricane Helms was.

The excitement El Generico brings is only amplified when he gets in the ring.


A Dynamo in the Ring

The lanky, agile performer wields a number of thrilling high-flying moves. He uses the split-legged moonsault and the impressive no-hands space-flying tigersault, among others. His matches are marked with an infectious energy, a spot-heavy style that placates to the crowd.

While not as fast as Sin Cara, El Generico is far smoother in the ring.

He seamlessly goes from one move to another. Watch him and Kota Ibushi go at it in an over-the-top burst of energetic wrestling.

WWE may ask him to tone down his exaggerated selling or it may see it as added entertainment value.

There is one move in his arsenal that elicits the biggest reaction from the crowd, but unfortunately one that may not follow him to WWE.

His super brainbuster, referred to as the "Brainbustaaaaahhhhh!" begins like a superplex and El Generico then impales his opponent onto the top turnbuckle.

As pumped up as it can make a crowd, the move may be too dangerous in WWE's eyes. In addition, El Generico won't be working with guys as small as he did in the independents. He's only about 194 pounds and may struggle to lift larger WWE superstars and plant them safely.

His signing makes the idea of reviving the cruiserweight division that much more appealing.

It's hard to imagine someone his size being able to survive a WWE schedule while being tossed around by the company's big boys. Part of his development will likely be bulking up as Daniel Bryan did.

El Generico is a tag champ several times over, a former Pro Wrestling Guerilla World champ and he's also held the Ring of Honor World Television Championship.

Who knows if his time with WWE will bring him any titles, but as amusing as El Generico can be and as well as he can speed up fans' hearts with his wrestling, it may not matter.